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    1985 (?) - Unforgettable FIre Tour
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  1. Excedrin Extra Strength is my friend.
  2. Soundgarden Allice in Chains (their metal sound songs) Cure Icehouse
  3. 12:10am and sick as a dog. Sad to hear about Bono
  4. I hope it was just the smoke..easy fix for him
  5. People were forced to join this site (I belonged anyhow) - I finally received a presale code - didn't work. Then I tried to buy GA tix, but somehow in my ticketmaster account it said that the presale was over and I couldn't get tix even though the presale didn't work. Absolutely no GA available when I could finally try and get tickets. Never got a CD because I couldn't get a decent ticket. Basic good seat on 200 level - $325 and that is not scalper price - and it was still the price the day of the show. Oh, but there were those $40 - behind the stage! Never got a CD because I couldn't get a decent ticket. Is there a renewed gift? Never got it. My U2 days are over as far as concerts go.
  6. My code didn't work at 10am, then when I got to regular sale, all GA were sold out....at 12:02pm HOWEVER: This was an option for the show. 350 of 350 Resale Tickets Match Your Search Prices shown are resale prices and often exceed face value. Something went really wrong this time around. Will try GA day of show I guess.
  7. LOL - service fee, and they are paperless tickets...
  8. Hi All, Based on your experience, are the seats avail for presale better than what is offered to the general public?
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