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  1. Thank you. No harm done and none taken. Love all the passion we have for this band. I welcome advice and suggestions from all regarding how we can improve on this numbering system until venues and/or bands address the "issue". I say that word "issue" delicately because at the end of the day, we all have bigger life problems and it is the music that helps us deal and cope. Thanks again for your words.
  2. There won’t be any line ups. The venue is considering a designated place for sign ins 24 hours before the day of the show on their property. So anyone and everyone that shows up will sign in and leave. Come back the day of the show which is 8:00 am and we will line up based on numbers to prevent chaos and promote safety. This way it follows their policy of not lining up before the posted time on their website. However, if they decide to not allow the sign in on their property, they understand it will be done off property and we will line up at 8:00 am day of and they will at this point it appears, recognize the numbering system. They will finalize and make their final decision approximately 10 days before the show and email their decision if they will allow us to go sign ins on the property. Nothing is 100% full proof but at the time, this is the fairest way to approach a numbering system instead of 500-1000 fans showing up at 8:00 with no order. And I’m really trying to coordinate an easy and fair way with little hastle to the fans or venue. My office shares the same parking lot as venue and one of the event managers there contracts with my office and I was able to get a face to face. I have no alterior motives. If we work together, and most do, the process can work.
  3. PLEASE SHARE this post in ALL Fan Sites: MEETING UPDATE with Infinite Energy Arena. I met with the GM and the Mgr. of Guest Services today (face to face) at 1:00 pm. First, my goal was to represent our U2 Fan community with respect and our love for our Band. I hope I achieved this and had the best interest of all of us at heart. The meeting went very well. Both were so kind and thoughtful to our process and as the meeting progressed, I could tell that they were very interested by the questions they posed, in wanting to understand the process. I relayed that the purpose of the U2 Fan Run Line is to promote, Safety, Fairness, and prevent Chaos. I told them that while is not 100% full proof, it is the best system we have come up with and that this is a win win for both the Arena and the Fans. What do you need to know at this point for the ATL show in respect to the line? I left there proposing that the Venue designate an area for 2-3 Line Runners that will handle sign-ins 24 hours before they allow fans to arrive on the property which is 8:00 am the day of the show. So that means the line would start at Sunday, May 27 @ 8:00 am. It was made clear that in no way can the line start and or be considered to be honored by the arena for any time before the time I just stated. We would then come back for check in/roll call at 8:00 am the day of the show and that is when we do the roll call and line up based on the sign in sheet. This is what was proposed to the Venue today. The GM and Guest Services Manager are now going to do some research and discuss with his boss and his Security Team to get final approval and then will reach back out to me. I assured them both we will respect any and all rules and there will be no congregating. If he comes back and says "No" to having the sign in on the property the day before, we will meet at another location close to the arena and do the sign ins there and the Arena is fully aware of the Fan numbering system and it appears at this time, they will work with us. He said they will get back with me with the details at least 10 days before the show. Then once we know, we will spread the word of exact location of the sign-ins, shift line runners and exact time of the roll call the day of the show (while it is 8:00 am we can get on the property, we may need to show up a bit earlier to line up). We will share the Fan Run Line information everywhere we can think of and expect all of the community to do this and spread the word. I do know this, again with the 8:00 am line up on the venue property, that once the wristbands have arrived at the venue, they will distribute the official wristbands some time that morning they believe, and then we can leave and come back late afternoon (exact time TBD by venue). I hope folks are feeling a sigh of relief because knowing and understanding the U2 ATL GA Fan Run Line and that we are NOT going to do this days in advance. It will be done fairly. Stay tuned as I get the official direction from the Venue. Enjoy the show...................:)
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