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  1. Does anyone know if there are any plans to release more reissues or in fact coloured reissues in 2020?

    Sincerely DAhmt

  2. These are the most expensive, so I guess they’re also the best
  3. Is there a limit of 2 or 4 tickets in the presale?
  4. I sat in the T3 section and enjoyed the show but not the Music. The Sound quality was unbelievebly bad. At one point I tried to put paper in my ears to filter the sound. When I read the opinions of others, they don't mention poor sound quality at all. How could it be isolated to section T3 alone? Or have others also experienced the horrible sound of an otherwise exelent show. What really bother me about it, is that I had my two daughters with me. It was their first U2 concert and it kind of dissapointed them.
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