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  1. Brilliant night last nite, first time in the red zone on edges side and ended up on the front of the red zone section. Big credit to the 4 Irish women who I was talking to in the queue and next to me in the zone for there generosity in ensuring I remained at the front and the great conversation a credit to their country. A great night
  2. I’d pay, not sure on cost but 1000 at the most. It would be a difficult argument with the wife but I would do it
  3. Listened to it another 5 times now since my original post, really really starting to like this now. The song no longer feels too long now perhaps I was tired when I first listened to it.
  4. It's getting better listen on listen for me, really like the opening and would like more of that sound. Think the radio edit might be better as currently it's too repatative and exhausting in its current length. Still looking forward to the album release and hope there is a nice deluxe edition.
  5. Hope it's any of the twickenham shows
  6. I'm 34 in August by then I will have them 5 times first time at Sheffield on 360 tour then Glasgow twice on ie tour coming up very soon will be twickenham twice. Been a fan since achtung baby was released . Going to add my favourite song on here as well - kite
  7. Just received saturdays tickets our accessible platform east stand closest to stage - hopefully Sunday's will arrive soon then I can relax
  8. Thanks for posting this peter saves me ringing I am also waiting for the disabled platform tickets. Nice to know where the view might be
  9. Anyone who ordered disabled tickets received there's yet?
  10. For the cost they shouldn't be a material that shrinks
  11. I don't have a record player but I like this gift - it has made me want to buy a record player either that or borrow my dads
  12. I don't know if this is just me but I find it worrying they don't know yet - which means seats could be over allocated to one area and you end up either somewhere else in the stadium crammed different to your allocated ticket like Sheffield or no where at all (worst case scenario)
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