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  1. Im confused. I have never seen a check in before the concert date. Does this mean there is no line up for GA wristbands at the venue??
  2. LOL! You are a true U2 fan and so am I. This will take some time! Thank you!!!
  3. Well, im stuck with them with 2 subscriptions for another year. Even tho i used a presale code, ticketmaster MADE me buy another subscription. not happy with how this whole thing was handled and have never had a problem before. Im a long time member and my loyalty was compromised. I dont see the point anymore. Congrats on your GA! The only way to see u2!!
  4. Got my GA tix thru the general public sale. Bye U2 dot com.
  5. this really sucks!! long time subscriber and i fregin know how to buy tix! it MADE me buy another subscription!!! wtf!!! I never bitch like this, but i just got ripped off. not good ticketmaster! not good. And because i screwed up and forgot my password and had to rest, i didnt get GA. I know better than that! ugh! Sorry for ranting folks, but this whole thing has been a FUBAR from the get go. Now i have 2 subscriptions....no wait...3! I signed my niece up and still had to pay for another.
  7. Depends if they do wristbands. Gotta be early for wristbands and then can leave until about 1 hr before line up. This was our experience with e&I.
  8. I do believe i signed back up in time. My acct says I am active until March 2018. I would have to look back, but I think i re-up'd in Jan.
  9. I have one ticket left with my presale code and i see that I am now listed in the wire group. I am a long time subscriber and I bought tix already under the RHG in Jan. Why am I listed as in the wire group now? Thank you!!
  10. U2x6 KOL at the U2 Vertigo show Pearl Jam Billy Idol AC/DC Billy Joel Elton John x 2 Harry Connick Jr Tom Petty ATHB x 2 Bow wow wow Stray cats Modern English The Go Go's Air Supply John Melencamp Areosmith Bob Dylan Jimmy Buffet Trans Siberian Orchestra Randy Newman Don McLean Smashmouth x 2 San Diego Street Scene for 15 years....lots and lots of Bands! Some of which were The Killers, The Editors, Snoop Dog, Black Eyed Peas(yeah, thatshow), Los Lobes, War which morphed into SOB, Social D, Floggin Molly and REM Several Christmas Festivals with Simple Minds, Hole(ugh!), Jewel....and others.
  11. I'm a day behind everyone. I gotta wait til I get home. I'm too old to stay up late anymore. It's from all those years of watching Dave andConan then going to work a few hours later. Did anyone catch what Dave said on Monday nite. He said he hope they could make it thru the week, having never had a band on all week. Then later said hedidn't think they would make it past wednesday. Hilarious!! Dave tapes his mon and tues shows on mon, his wed & thur shows on tues and his fri showon wed. U2 absolutley will not make it thru the week!! Yeah, he's getting old, but I still love
  12. The soul needs beauty for a soulmate
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