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  1. Oh hey, haven't posted here in years I missed my piggy in red boots
  2. How about an issue of getting charged $1,000 dollars in tickets and no tickets to show for it? Is that something that can be brought to TM's attention? This was for today's general sale for the NYC shows.
  3. space is indeed limited... check the size (in Mb/Kb) of the photos, consider compressing them a bit... if this doesn't work... maybe some here and some in photobucket could do the trick... Cool, will try it. thanks.
  4. Go to your gallery here in zootopia, click the UPLOAD button, create a new album... A window will appear with a few decisions to make... make them... Click the CHOOSE FILES button... wait until the images upload... click the REVIEW & PUBLISH button... review your photos (if needed - add or change titles, add tags and descriptions if needed, etc)... once satisfied, click the FINISH and PUBLISH hope this helps... Thanks, Max. I actually tried that before and it said I didn't have enough space. On top of that, it froze on me a couple of times. I'll try once more fo
  5. Thanks Bigwave, Baja, and Max for working hard last night to get us sorted. We got in and it was great after all difficulties we initially experienced. My hat off to you all. Now…I'm trying to upload some pics from my Mac but there seems no easy way to just upload them. How do I got about doing this without using Photo Bucket. They're not the best pics and actually a little blurry but I want to share and show the results of your hard work
  6. It's true man. Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, Depeche Mode, Arcade Fire, Pearl Jam these bands stay clear from mainstream. Yet remain inventive and distinctive in their own way. There are many more out there. Why is Bono so concerned about being played on the radio? Radio is shit. The charts are shit. U2 are certainly not shit! There is one band, not so new but not what you can call "veterans", they said once (and I'm paraphrasing)...We have a cult following, which is enough for us to do what we want to do, creatively. That's all we want. If we can do this for the rest of
  7. febottoni - no worries about how the message is taken. It won't be taken in any way, politely or otherwise. Trust me...all the suggestions and downright harsh criticisms will fall on deaf ears, it has for a while now (I've been here for 8 years). Good luck to you if you are trying to make a difference, politely...I wish you well, truly.
  8. Another note... Pop was a pretty damn good album...come on, U2!! Get yourselves out of that "needs to sound like pop to be good" mentality. With songs like "Please, Gone, Mofo, If God Would Send His Angels, Last Night on Earth", you can surely play some of those songs in concert. Another thing...stop regurgitating different versions of SBS, New Year's Day, and Pride and packaging them up and calling them subscription gifts. We deserve better than that, we're not dumb. Also, many bands provide videos, little documentaries about their progress on new material. We are thrown "a bone" e
  9. To tell you the truth, as much as I loved this band, they are no longer at the top of my list. It pains me to say that, truly. Although, they've had a great run, particularly in the beginning, and yes, "No Line..." was a good album for the most part. I can't motivate myself at the present time to listen to them. I don't know what it is but it will take quite a bit of creativity with this next album for me to fall in love, the way I used to be. I've found many great bands to be so much more relevant and true to their roots and fans. I'm not saying the charity work is a bad thing, but it
  10. OOH, looks like this is a hot topic at the mo. We're up to 2 pages!!! LOL
  11. Yep. Gotta thank, Barry too. Can't forget our beloved Zoo troll *I'm going to get swung at for that*
  12. Lora, I think this might be you? And no, you are keeping my dream alive...lol. Hi my little chicklet!!
  13. Hiya, Pebs! Fancy meeting you here Thanks for stopping by at my 30 seconds of fame. lol
  14. And of course this thread will die a quick death in here. I miss the pretty fonts and . Yes, I used Comic Sans.
  15. Gibbo...all of the above and sooooo much more. Club de Laura is a great place to visit. *waits for Cindy to chime in*
  16. Tillie, if I knew your address, I can send you tons of Coldplay CDs! Aren't you lucky I don't??!! lol. Be careful, I am resourceful.
  17. OMG, Barry!! I had no idea you did this!! lol. I love it. At least it dragged me back in here! xxxxx HIYAAAA
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