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  1. In fact it's unbelievable the a venue map of Amsterdam Arena, specific for this concert, is still missing... It can't be that difficult to make??
  2. At this moment there's a waiting list for Brussels...maybe they're checking the demand to see there's enough interest to add an extra show??
  3. Anyone knows of there will be an extra show in Brussels?? Amsterdam and London both have one extra :-)
  4. LiveNation states that this tour the stadium dates will be limited...maybe no additional shows?
  5. Thanks Babyface: now we got an idea about where the stage is placed
  6. Typical answer from Ticketmaster... and suddenly ticket prices change etc... I hope there won't be a second Coldplay catastrophe regarding the ticket sales (in particular for general ticket sale on Monday)
  7. Is there already a floorplan available for Brussels (Koning Boudewijnstadion)??
  8. Awesome! Did you use the link of the waiting list (received yesterday evening), or the regular sale links (goformusic/ teleticketservice)? This morning the regular link showed only the 2 sold out dates and the waiting list. So I went through the link in the email ... Nothing this morning (only the expensive vip packages). But this afternoon there were several categories available again ... So I happened to look at the exact right time Lucky you!!! :-) Hopefully similar occasions do happen in the near future...I'll keep in touch!
  9. Awesome! Did you use the link of the waiting list (received yesterday evening), or the regular sale links (goformusic/ teleticketservice)?
  10. NO extra show added for Antwerp...
  11. same here. I think it's hust a confirmation that you're on the waiting list, but for the ticketing system you're choice is valid.
  12. I think that would be no problem :-) And it's even looking better: 101 Eur standing also sold out already!!
  13. found it already ... thanks ! can you get on the waiting list for more than one category ? I'd like GA's which is fine by the others too, but they'd prefer seats. So if I can get on the WL for the 2 categories, I can still cancel one if I get the other ... because right now I don't really care where I'll be, as long as I get in ... you could try, but to play safe you can make a new account, so you gain more ticket for instance to trade for other shows ;-)
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