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  1. Yeah, I know this is a U2 forum, but I thought I would post information in the General section regarding tickets I have for sale for the upcoming Coldplayconcert in Toronto. I need to get rid of these tickets, so if anyone is interested, please message me: I have two sets of tickets for sale: Section 212, Row 4 (two tickets are side by side) and Section 519, Row 1 (two tickets are side by side). If any Torontonians are interested, please PM me. Thanks!
  2. This does not surprise me one bit. I ordered a medium shirt last year and it was way too small...in fact, it was too small for my tiny ten year old niece...itfit her, but the sleeves were all messed up. I will never buy anything from U2.com ever again. On the same note, would it be too much to ask to make some NICE looking shirts? I'm tired of the crap shirts, tour books, etc.
  3. interu2005 wrote: The best NLOTH song Agreed.
  4. I'm sorry but I laughed out loud reading this. I know it's not funny, but I mean death by coconut has a funny ring to it! P.S. Very happy to hear you survived!
  5. Yes, they're saying early 2010. Should be interesting.
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