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  1. Mike7man - You are absolutely right in that the stage was vague, but one would have thought the Red Zone would have been closest to the main stage not to mention when I was looking for tickets best available was always on the opposite end. I can tell you everyone I've talked to at both Chicago and Phoenix were just as surprised as I was. Regardless all shows we awesome and I didn't have the seats ruin my night.
  2. Confirmed, GA available and Section 113 row 5
  3. Sounds good man, thanks for the heads up!
  4. Well isn't that some $hit. Best available at time of purchase is false? How could they do that? My HARD ticket which I received in the mail does not say limited view on it, how or where did you see limited view? Or are you now behind the stage where initially you thought you were going to be looking dead on from the B Stage? Having already been to the Phoneix show I don't expect my section 103 to have limited view.
  5. Where to hang Wednesday and Thursday among other U2 fans?
  6. Who knows for certain which end the main stage will be on? When I purchased my section 103 tickets via Ticketmaster I was right next to the main stage. Now I've noticed pictures on the internet indicating they flipped the stage and I am now in front of the B-Stage. This would only be Karma as the same thing happened to me in Phoenix, I had bought tickets for what was supposed to be B Stage and they flipped the stage configuration and I was instead looking down on the main stage to my delight.
  7. Thanks Everyone! It was actually at one point a large cardboard poster that was used for mall music stores advertising the album. On the reverse side are the words Achtung Baby. There was no way to frame something that large so each square was cut allowing me to frame them individually.
  8. Zoomerang_81

    My Collection

    Finally able to display years of magazines and art I've collected through out the years demonstrating my passion for U2 and Music in general.
  9. So an update for anyone who cares, Got to keep all the tickets I purchased, received additional emails from Ticket Master stating since I used my code only once I was not in violation, they admitted to the glitch on their site in allowing people to purchase tickets without the need for a code or the purchase of a membership for a short period which I happened to log in.
  10. Check this out for some hints towards what could be a very visually stimulating stage design: http://esdevlin.com Amazing portfolio of work, and guess what her current project is?
  11. I have 2 night 1 tickets to sell, face value, section 203 row 2 $589 Please email me if interested Listening.freedom@gmail.com
  12. Night 1 - Section 103 (10:50 am General Sale) Night 2 - GA (Pre-Sale Code) Will be my 11th and 12th show Going to go for GA Nights 3 and 4 when they go on sale.
  13. I am selling 2 tickets to Chicago Night 1, Face Value: $589 GREAT SEATS!!! Section 203 Row 2 Seat 5,6 These are E-Tickets so I can forward you the PDF as soon as payment is received. Please email me if interested at listening.freedom@gmail.com Thank you SOLD - Thank you
  14. For others sake... I purchased tickets on Saturday from TM and no Pre-sale code was required assuming I was not in violation as I was not using my code I continued. The transaction was completed. I thought tickets were on sale and there was nothing wrong with what I did, hence the post I made Saturday morning. Realizing after talking to a few on the forums I may had actually violated the rules I emailed Ticket Master asking for them to cancel my order and this is the response I received an hour ago. Hi ******, Thanks for contacting us! When I got your email, I immediately checked to see if I could honor your request for refund. I wish I had better news, but unfortunately your order is not eligible for an exception to our Refund Policy. The ticket limit for all fan club presales were two, and so you may have one of your orders canceled automatically some time in the next week or two. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. If you need anything else, just reply to this email or visit Help on Ticketmaster.com! Got a minute? Tell us how we're doing. Sincerely, Aran Ticketmaster Fan Support World Class Service - Every Customer, Every Day!
  15. Called Ticket Master, Transferred all the way up to Senior Supervisor who did not believe I was in any violation. The looked at both of my orders and said everything looked fine. Not wanting to risk anything I asked if they would cancel one of my orders to be safe, the said they couldn't... They notated my account indicating I called in with a concern and their advice was I was in no violation.... MAN I HOPE THEY ARE RIGHT Does anyone have a contact at U2.Com for which I can give a heads up to this? Thanks!
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