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  1. So when a person wrongly quotes someone in the forums,and was made aware of it,should they delete it,apologize,ignore it and continue posting on the topic?
  2. Those are not my words.i quoted someones post with my own comment.
  3. unfortunately,I agree with this.I was hoping that the album would grow on me.I have listened to it a lot,but its not happening.
  4. Im Montreal.My email came exactly one week after buying tickets for the first pre sale.
  5. I called evenko not too long ago about the 2nd Montreal date and was told that I would have to register again.im glad that the 2nd show didn't go on sale today.
  6. I had the same thing with Arcade Fire.I didn't even know that I was getting a free CD until I received an email a few days after buying tickets.
  7. You are awesome ! Thanks for the help.It worked !
  8. Yeah,I assumed that.48 hours would be bad !
  9. No problem.Dont want to get you fired.Thanks.
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