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  1. Same for me, anyone know what is happening?
  2. Ticketmaster told me it applied across all 6 shows.
  3. That's why I asked them if it was across all 6 Belfast and Dublin shows and they came back with the '2 per household not per night' response. I'd be very happy if someone else wanted to check this out with them!
  4. I seen it in their FAQs: ➤How many tickets can I buy? There will be a ticket limit of 2 tickets per person, per card and postal address. Multiple bookings may be cancelled. http://www.ssearenabelfast.com/DatabaseDocs/evt_7092539__u2_-_important_on_sale_faqs.docx
  5. I emailed ticketmaster to clarify, this was their response: Thank you for your email. The ticket limit for this event is 2 tickets per household, not per night. Any ticket limit exceeded will result in bookings being cancelled.
  6. Did anyone else realise the ticket limit was 2 per household across all 6 Irish shows? I'd hoped to be able to go to more than one night. Had thought the limit was 2 tickets per night.
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