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  1. Haven’t done this for a while! Hello!
  2. That's all folks, today on March 8th 2014, U2 died in the arse. It's all over. They obviously cannot write a song any more. This announcement is quite frankly embarassing. You can't write 10 songs in 6 years? And to pretend they were about to do something, what with the superbowl, Grammys, Fallon etc and then not is a desparate grab for attention. Well they will no longer be getting any of mine. Wankers.
  3. an unfortunate affliction, you can get pills for that now... (and before someone points it out I know it has an e not an a after the t but still) zing! I've always been a terrible speller lol
  4. G'day Baja, I hope life finds you well! Thankyou for your thoughtful response. There was no malice in my question, I just realize as you noted here that you have seen the many lives of this forum. And as you say I think y'all are familiar with some of our "quirks". I meant that as a legit question, and I appreciate your legit and honest anwer, so kind regards. Cheers.
  5. For those bollocksing on about the imaginary 14 year olds that come here, and how it is of the upmost impotance to protect these toddlers from boob talk and doodle pictures, from the U2.com T&Cs.... "You must be at least 18 years of age to become a member. We do not allow children under the age of 13 to become members at all. If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, you may become a member with the consent of your parent or legal guardian. By becoming a member, you represent and warrant: (i) that you are at least 18 years of age or (ii) that, as parent or guardian, you agree to these terms and our privacy policy and authorize your child who is between the age of 13 and 18 to use this site, subject to your responsibility for their conduct." Clearly this site is designed for over 18s and it clearly states that if anyone below this age wants to join then it's at the parent's discretion etc. If my 14 year old was asking to join U2.com, I'd be much more concerned about thier lame taste in music.
  6. Zhivvy, I was actually supporting you being allowed to joke the way you do about your boobs, etc. I was pointing out that you don't do things like post naked pictures - & that there's a difference. I didn't say that you do that or have done that. It was an example of something that "would" be different (as I said), but something you don't do. No offense meant at all, nor anything personal. It was meant to provide context & be supportive. After just being asked by someone not to mention their personal physical traits and use them in an example of posting nude photos, you obnoxiously correct them as to why they shouldn't be upset, and STILL talk about their personal traits and still refer to naked photos. Seriously, are you missing your frontal lobes? Should I have used more italics to get my point across?
  7. Anyone else remember Sterling, who became Life Factory, who became Security In Anonimity? And how they were banned every time for their oppressive behaviour and accusing people of being abused? And how they would share paranoid delusions of being stalked by the FBI? Bueller?
  8. Nah, of course 123 me too!
  9. Fight? Settle down? This is how I always am. I will own up to the bastard part though.
  10. Italics. Now there's a way to get a point across. Fatman is Bono silly. But since the entire universe is held together by the weight of your amazing & informed opinions (And lengthy. They sure are lengthy) I can see how you would make that mistake.
  11. Basher, you are a wise man and I love you brother, but not even Yer Man is that much of a twat. And you're right, it's the same character every single time. Sterling, Life Factory et cetera et cetera And they think they're holier-than-thou routine is in anyway new, and that us poor inbred immoral types from the "dark side" will see the "light" (again with the mouth vomit.....) I'd heard about this one on the ol' internets, and in only a few posts I felt compelled to punch myself in the face. Hard. It was all true! But I'm left wondering this.... Alma, if you love the mods so much, why don't you marry them? Yep. That totally just happened. Now into the Basher mobile to return to the Bash-Cave, where such brain-rooting-aren't-I-just-the-most-amazing-righteous-person-since-Cliff-Burton-crossed-with-Princess-Diana antics are loudly yawned at. Tally ho!
  12. I really love boutique overdrives. They all do the "same" kind of thing, but like colours on a palette, they all have a different vibe. Like the EM-Drive, the Teletronix Mulholland Drive is one of the most sought-after OD pedals in the world. They're hand made by Marcus Beaumont in Sydney - Marcus is well known as the lead guitarist for Hillsong United, and also works at my local guitar shop. He recently did a special edition run in this awesome sparkly "white - glass" - they're normally gold and red. An amazing pedal - much brighter than the EM, and with a very bitey OD compared to the EM which is smooth and buttery. Not cheap though, they go for $400.
  13. Here's one of my favourite overdrives - the Emerson Custom Guitars "Em-Drive" It's one of the most desirable overdrive pedals in the world right now, and has become as rare as hen's teeth - six month wait kinda deal. I was lucky enough to be an early adopter before they became near impossible to get, and am waiting on my second one - (a limited edition purple custom made for my local guitar boutique). Pretty much any signal that passes through this bad-boy comes out sounding better in every way. Tone magic.
  14. I just picked this up.... Now to try it out!
  15. It's people who see things the way I do who talk about sacrificing for the community & all you see is 'I & me' in our point of view? It's those who talk about just wanting to do whatever they themselves feel like all the time & everyone else be d@mned & to H&LL w/the 13-17 yr olds who needs them & there shouldn't be society rules & let me do whatever I feel like - they're the ones all about 'I & me.' How anyone could look at it & see the exact opposite of what it is just is bewildering. "It's people who see things the way I do who talk about sacrificing for the community & all you see is 'I & me' in our point of view?" That actually made me vomit in my own mouth. No, really. Seriously, save the wear and tear on your finger tips lady, as I have absolutley zero interest in any of your obnoxious-self-congratulting-soul-dampening posts.
  16. Cheers Zhiv! I've always loved playing that song, so raw, so mauch passion in the guitar part.
  17. He's playing a charachter like The Fly or Macphisto! well he's very good at it as I am totally freaked out by it He's intense for sure, but I'm pretty convinced that he turns the "psycho bluesman" persona when required. That and he does kinda look like a drag queen Michael Jackson.
  18. He's lovely. Brian, not so much
  19. He's playing a charachter like The Fly or Macphisto!
  20. Well you clearly have never heard this then Mick (bet you can't get more than about 15 seconds into it lol!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urQUjGTl6dE lol Would you belive he bloddy lives in Sydney too! I actully met him and Ronan one night - brian is actually huge - taller than me, and Ronan is a midget!!
  21. They actually filmed this about five minutes from my house in Sydney which is funny. And I got to totally pimp out Leonardo's suite with TVs, XBoxes, Ipads etc etc. And I love you guys, but Jack's LIB is the all-time greatest U2 cover! Nothing comes close.
  22. I'm really glad to hear that Peter. I'll post some stuff in the guitar thread and we can catch up. No worries on the FB - you'll miss out on my adventures though! Anyways I've found you in the Music vids group. I'd love to hear some of your music at some point mate - got anything from your bands? Lovely to hear from you, and I'm glad you're loving life.
  23. Alma, you were so sure the blogs would be taken away because of the repeated 'rule breaking', were you? I see you have only been a member here since August 2012. As I have been an active blogger for more than 3 1/2 years, I can fill you in on some of what you missed. Bloggers have been swearing and posting vulgar pics and lovingly calling each other horrible names (which to newbies probably looks like we hate each other) for as long as I have been here. For example... One of my best blogging mates has been pushing the issue of my gender identity for as long as he has known me. He can't help it; he lost his personal relationship with Jesus...pray for him. That, and he thinks he can harass me cos I'm a blow in and he claims he is not. Zhiv, I mean another mate most often arrives drunker than a blue nosed Scot (any blue nosed Scot, mind you, I'm not pointing fingers). She also has a pathological fondness for leather, and lures others to depravity with wild parties, then posts pics of her evil ways (and her unmentionables tag ). Our youngest regular (is the Spanish prince still a teen?) boasts of his repeated conquests. I'm quite certain he knew how to swear in several languages before he met any of us. One mate shares stories of her close relationships with wild animals, while another dreams of being held as a sslave in a shed. And one unnamed mate knows just what to do to send me running for a cold shower, but that's our little secret. Then there is the lab coat cover up. We all know there must be some thing more to that project than meets the eye! They can't possibly just be doing it for love and peace, can they? I, of course, have been angelic at all times. Anyway........ My big question (not for you Alma, but a question for the starry sky) is what happened? You see for all those years bloggers ignored rules left and right, and there was no big problem of which we were aware... no indication that we were digging our own blogging grave. A few loons in and out over the years had us a bit nervous, but other than that we were grand. The blogs merrily existed for years in spite of the 'rule breaking'. IMO they thrived because of the rule breaking. So what happened in the last few months that the very same blogs that used to exist so merrily, now are off limits? If the blogs didn't change, and the rules didn't change, what did? Oi! I know you!! how are you lovely??!?! And I agree with you whole - heartedly. Unfortunately we have had this bizarre Live Nation PC morailty forced upon us, which over the years has resulted in about 300 regulars, adults who were happy to socialize in a very relaxed fashion with other adults, all with the common bond of U2 fandom, packing up and heading for Facebook - and the vast majority of Zootops are there - swearing like pirates and having "Let's Look At Adam's Awesome Wang" parties. And surprisingly there's never any fights or offence caused. To make the T&Cs of this site so restrictive to cater for the 3 U2 fans in the world offended by blurred art shot of a naked human at the exspense of the.... immoral-sun-worshipping-baby-eating-goat-sacraficing-animals who numbered in the 100s seems totally redundant. It's like owning a huge nightclub and not letting all the uggers in. All you end up with is the DJ, and empty dancefloor and three wankers in the corner congratulating each other on how awesome the are. All the uggers nick off down the pub and have a wicked night out. The party is always better when you let in the uggers.
  24. and, since you ask us to fess up... I honestly find strange that people, from time to time, come here to complain about the zoo of now and how it wasn't like the zoo of then, but never ever have seen anyone doing something to works towards make that goal possible. As if it were something magical that should happen by itself, just by mentioning it... True dat Max. None of those peeps ever try to anything positive. Maybe I should start a petition. o_O I think we both know I, like yourself and others, spent much time trying to do my part to make this place vibrant again - guitar covers, remixes, fun threads, and like yourself, much comedic photoshopping. I'm not making this a 'new" vs "old" debate. That point is rather moot. My point is that the prohibitive T&Cs have resulted in the mass exodus of this place. Not the end of the world as we're all on FB, but i do find it dissapointing. Didn't mean to offend you Max, peace.
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