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  1. Elevation Camp And Furnace in Liverpool UK Friday 17th January 2020
  2. Good idea. Here´s two to join the party...
  3. Eventim.de U2 After Show Party Berlin BERLIN Sa, 01.09.18, 23:00 Uhr Pirates Berlin Mühlenstraße 78 - 80, 10243 BERLIN
  4. Support for the moderators from here aswell. They´ve been always so helpful. For example on Tuesday they promptly answered my e-mail and solved that issue and I got the code on time. Many thanks for you guys. Really appreciate your work. Love & peace
  5. Same here. Just got both text and code. Thank you so much our brilliant moderators.
  6. uukaks


    Great to hear, but to us they said that getting a refund it will take 4-6 weeks. (?) Strange considering the deadline for the refund requests was on the 30th Nov and that by the 6/7 Dec they will have resold the tickets.... My ticket was GA (billet collector) for the 15 Nov (7th Dec) and I sent the request for refund by mail on Nov 24th (if this piece of info can help). I'm wasted because I would have gone back to Paris in a heartbeat but economic reasons and work constraints didn't allow the possibility... The first e-mail to them was right after Paris, Nov.16th (and several others later). Also, our tickets have been returned to them for more than a week ago, so you would think they already have had time enough to deal with this refund. Instead, they just said that it will take 4-6 weeks, more. In the worst case, nearly two months. I asked them why. Waiting for an answer...
  7. uukaks


    Great to hear, but to us they said that getting a refund it will take 4-6 weeks. (?)
  8. uukaks


    Thank you so much bigwave. Really appreciate your help.
  9. uukaks


    No reply..., no refund..., no nothing. Weird? Are there still others who haven´t got any respond from them or are we the only ones?
  10. uukaks


    Same situation here as well. A week ago sent them an email with our e-tickets and order number. There´s no answer to this yet...
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