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  1. On 4/9/2021 at 12:32 PM, padawanbeck84 said:

    Buckingham Palace has just announced the death of the Queen's husband, Prince Philip. He was 99. 

    He had been in hospital recently, but died peacefully at home at Windsor Castle. He was the longest-serving Royal Consort in the history of the British royal family, having been married to the Queen since 1947, when she was still Princess Elizabeth. 

    Philip could sometimes put his foot in it with awkward comments (sometimes bordering on racism), but I think part of that was down to his age and the attitudes he would have been brought up with.

    It's difficult to imagine what Her Majesty must be going through :( The grief of losing your soulmate, but also being expected to appear calm in public and not show "too much" emotion. Most of us, when we lose someone, can mourn them in private, but there's probably going to be most of the world watching her husband's funeral... How on Earth do you cope with knowing that? My thoughts go out to her.   


    Has he ? Haven’t heard anything on the BBC about it at all.

    it must have been buried by investigative reporting on political scandals and contract acquisition, rioting in Northern Ireland and reporting on the influence of a few billionaire moguls on mainstream media........

    don’t get me wrong I feel sorry for his wife and family and he is someone’s husband, wife father etc.

    but is there the need for a monarchy in a modern democracy? 

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  2. I can’t envisage any major tours being announced until the Covid Situation settles globally. Still ongoing chaos in Europe.

    I just hope they keep dreaming out loud as it were.

  3. 3 hours ago, Manohlive said:

    If that was the case, it would negate the exclusivity of the gifts.  'Why subscribe when I can just buy it anyhow?'   'They're not even touring.'   I can already hear the complaints..   If they just sold the merchandise, it wouldn't be a subscriber's gift. 




    Jumping way down to emphasize this is NOT aimed at ANYONE:   Isn't this thread about the 2021 Subscriber's Gift?  I come in here to read about that.  Many of the comments have nothing to do with this year's gift.  (I'm notorious for jumping off topic.  I claim no innocence.)  Perhaps starting another thread, expressing all the other stuff could be started by someone?   I get excited about these gifts, even if a particular year's gift is not my favorite.  It's a bummer to weed through all the 'it should be this or that' comments.  Perhaps voices would be better heard if someone started a separate thread concerning future gifts.  I ask this every year. 

    I'm hoping this one is worded so nobody takes offense.  It's just my opinion.

    Can I just say....... Where’s my elephant?

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  4. I just renewed.... obviously the mighty  Fly won’t let a Covid 19 pandemic prevent an incoming ZooTV 30th anniversary tour......would he? 


    ‘you didn’t come all the way out here to catch TB now did you !?’*


    *Dr Nick acknowledges Covid is not related in any way to tuberculosis

    Zoovid22 ? Zoodemic 23? Zoorona. we can but hope 🤞

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