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  1. Positive ...the forum is fixed...... negative .....I’ve just had to delete about a dozen duplicate posts....sorry if there’s more lurking on here!
  2. The Social distancing Joshua Tree Tour 2020
  3. Apparently they’re selling for $500 on keepmein.....
  4. The U2 I&SD tour...... combined songs from their upcoming Songs of Isolation and Songs of Social Distance Albums.......
  5. I have government permission to cycle once a day.....Yippee!
  6. Hopefully it will bring us together and make us all better people/civilisation. it is going to be painful for many of us, but hopefully it will adjust our balance of self entitlement. it will also be interesting to see the environmental impact of less travel. love to everyone and be kind.
  7. We are all simply islands in the Stream RIP Kenny Rogers
  8. I also rediscovered the massive heads from Zooropa 93.... this is awesome
  9. I’ve panic bought £200 of beer from my favourite Brewery. self isolinebriation
  10. Can we pin Breathe as the U2 song of the day for the foreseeable future Mods?
  11. I’m not sorry @Manohlive, not going and not selling on our tickets was the only socially responsible thing to do.£220 down but it’s sad that multimillionaires aren’t willing to take a hit but we are. Really our government should have put a stop to these events before the weekend but left it til Monday night and then it was only advisory rather than meaning that no business can claim on insurance. if you look at the Stereophonics on twitter and the videos they put out on Saturday night and comments, they are being absolutely flamed. And they’ve refused to comment to the press.
  12. Apprehensive for the next few months.....it’s going to be tough.
  13. I know that but venues bands and promoters have a social responsibility too.
  14. Outrageous! one of my favourite episodes of the Simpsons ever!
  15. We didn’t go to the Stereophonics last night. It’s ridiculous Seeing events unfold in Italy over the last 2 weeks and in light of this that all concerts haven’t been postponed to slow the spread of the disease so that healthcare systems can cope.
  16. It depends on if governments ban large gatherings really.
  17. I’ll say it again .... where’s my elephant?!
  18. Not today but a few days ago I saw this band. I’m a late convert but I love their approach. in every town they play in they seek out local homeless charities and ask their fans to bring items the charities need to the concert to donate. The requests are placed on social media. Most people in the UK are only a couple of missed wages away from homelessness so whilst as a family we are currently v fortunate, I am very aware that any turn of fate could change things quickly. we had a trip to the supermarket and bought as much dog food/and personal hygiene products that we could phys
  19. Cool they are great! Enjoy! Lots of potential there!
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