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  1. I think they deserve a rest! Toured in 2015 2017 2018 and 2019! 60 this year!
  2. https://lh-st.com/shows/05-04-2020-inhaler/ May the 4th be with Inhaler @Manohlive
  3. Just got back from the gig. they were amazing. A really tight band and Eli definitely plays guitar better than his dad ever has and has huge stage presence and a cracking live voice. they are very reminiscent of early U2, the venue was packed and it was great to see people in their teens and twenties really enjoying a proper rock band. if you get a chance to see them go. You won’t be disappointed! All hail the second coming of Hewson!
  4. He’s movin on up now and his light shines on 😢 RIP to a great producer Andrew Weatherall https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51535685
  5. Maybe the people of the UK need to look at how the media turn on celebrities/ politicians and publicly destroy them for profit and seek better informed platforms to get their news from.
  6. RIP Caroline Flack. Another victim of the toxic UK press ( and the UKs passion for celebrity ‘gossip’)
  7. I haven’t got the words but I have the title... Monday Muddy Monday...
  8. I laughed In The face of Storm Ciara and went mountain biking... it was ace
  9. Everything you know is wrong..........
  10. Just starting a thread where you can share inspirational stories of human resilience over adversity that put our minor first world problems into perspective. I’ll kick it off with this story about a UK vascular surgeon returning to work after bilateral below knee amputations following sepsis , and how it changed his outlook on the treatment and rehab of his own patients undergoing the same procedure. Mr Neil Hopper I salute you https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-cornwall-51416030/sepsis-amputation-surgeon-back-at-work-after-losing-legs
  11. Back on topic , I think this is a good subscription offer. they can’t please everyone. I didn’t want vinyl and they are still in boxes in a cupboard. However I hope like with the vinyl they offer the dvd as a download option to subscribers which seems a fair option. which reminds me I must renew....
  12. Judge for yourself ^^^^^ good luck to them I say. They have also announced a US tour. I’m sure having a dad in the industry helps but the boy can sing...... sometimes you cant make it on your own number 2
  13. I’m one of those old dad u2 farts seeing them in Cardiff next week. I’ll provide feedback afterwards
  14. According to Peter Kay ‘Blue Ray’ is a bloke who sells dodgy videos down the working mans club!.....
  15. No I’m still Spartacus after all this time.... looking like a true survivor...
  16. Urban dictionary tells me it’s knob or nob Mr way! I won’t provide a link or I might get told off! Back on track mind I’m really looking forward to seeing inhaler to see if the live up to the hype..... (can you see what I did there?!?😉)
  17. Inhaler ....apparently the leads singer’s dad is a bit of a knob.....should be a wheeze😉😉
  18. Wow such rage..... I was hoping for a Betamax or VHS.* *hangs head in shame for having a dvd player i think it’s a good subscriber offer to be fair.
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