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  1. Porterhouse sounds great to start......just checked on Google Maps, exactly a 2 min walk from where we’re staying. Count us in !!!!!
  2. Landing into Sydney on Sunday 17th, four of us flying out from the UK.... We’ll definitely be up for pre show beers on both Friday and Saturday... On another note, I’ve emailed Elevation Australia (Sydney based U2 tribute) to see if they have anything planned on the lead up to the gigs, that would be quite cool. I read elsewhere that there was a Sydney Harbour Cruise with a U2 theme, but that it had sold out ? I can’t find any more information than that - it was mentioned on U2Songs. Anyway, I’ll post into the thread if I get anymore information. Not long now !
  3. Hey Ddarroch, Thanks for all of your information, I really appreciate it....... I’ve been lucky enough to visit Australia a couple of times, although many years ago now.........Sydney is such an amazing place, and I cant wait to get back there........in fact list time I was there was for the Vertigo Tour at the Olympic Park. Looking forward to making some more amazing life memories.
  4. Really hope they kick it all off with the ‘thumping’ tempo of Blackout......this was brilliant inside the arena setting, it will be so good to hear it played out to a stadium......... Think it will be quite something - a JT based show, but surrounded by SOI / SOE and other other little surprises.......that’s the way I see it / hope it plays out..... Travelling over from the UK for RZ at the SCG. Trip of a lifetime !!!!!! Roll on November !
  5. Eventually got 2 x RZ for Sydney, although a lot of the pricing categories were greyed out and showing ‘not available’ from the outset. Having clicked on RZ, and quantity x 2, when I went to ‘complete purchase’, for a while I kept getting the error message that there weren’t enough available tickets in RZ. After about the 30th attempt at retrying the ‘complete purchase’ button, it gave me 2 tickets and I could complete the transaction (apart from a further slight issue with my UK bank thinking it was a fraudulent transaction). If you experience similar obstacles, patience and perseverance is the key. Good luck 👍
  6. Thanks Max, your help is much appreciated, as always.
  7. Apologies if I’ve misread this, but U2.com indicates that Red Hill presale begins at 1000am on Tuesday the 4th June, however, Ticketek seems to state that Red Hill presale begins at 1100am........anyone with any further knowledge on this ? Thanks......
  8. Can’t wait for tonight ! Just on the train now, arriving into Piccadilly shortly...... Lets hope for ‘one of those amazing nights’......
  9. Hey guys.......great response, sounds like there will be a good group of us in town during Saturday afternoon. And thanks Bigwave......the Hard Rock Cafe from 3pm sounds like an ideal place and time for a bit of a get together.....hopefully with enough of us in there, we might be able to influence their sound system for the afternoon..... For anybody else in town from midday on Saturday, I think we’ll be heading towards Mulligans Irish Bar in Deansgate, which is about a 10-15 min walk from Hard Rock, and from the arena. Hope to see you all, and stay in touch on here over the weekend. For those going tomorrow, have a fantastic time ! Not long now !
  10. SpongeBob, I had an email 2 days ago relating specifically to Red Zone ticket holders, for Manchester 2. It’s basic collection instructions, and a reminder to take all ID and the card that was used for the purchase. For Manchester 2, Red Zone pickup is from 1730 and the tent / kiosk will be set up in Manchester Victoria Station, which is adjacent to the arena. There are detailed maps and diagrams within the email to show you exactly where to go. The email is sent from ‘Red Zone U2 E&I Tour’ Elizabeth Lyons.
  11. For anyone going to Manchester 2 on Sat 20th October, would you be interested in a pre show meet up somewhere in the city ? We are a large group travelling up from the Midlands, arriving in the city around midday, and we just thought it would be a great idea to see if there was any interest in a fan gathering in a pub, maybe near to the arena ? There are a few Irish bars not too far away, and if there was enough interest, we were thinking of making contact and hopefully getting a bar to host a pre show meet up, playing U2’s music and having a great time before heading off to the show. With enough interest, we could even try and maybe sort some live music out..... Just an idea....let me know if you’re in town and interested !
  12. Hi, interested to hear the outcome of this one if possible ? I had a very similar situation yesterday, my girlfriend is an Innocence Member, and Eventim account holder. She used her membership code and her Eventim account to buy 2 tickets in yesterday’s pre sale, but she used our joint card for payment - which is the same card that I used for my Experience presale purchase 24 hours earlier - again I have a separate Eventim account. The ONLY thing that is the same is the payment card. Is this likely to cause an issue. (Tickets were purchased for the same Manchester show). Thank you for any advice or knowledge.
  13. There was a fault on the Manchester link overnight. Thanks to this fault being reported by the mods, the Manchester link was corrected prior to today’s presale. For Manchester, the link should redirect you to Eventim. Definitely create an account / profile with Eventim, if you are waiting for tomorrows Innocence presale. I would also get the Eventim app if you are planning to purchase via your mobile phone. Follow the link as normal, via the U2.com tours page, and be logged in to your Eventim profile. Have your code ‘copied’ and ready to paste when requested. Then it should take you through to all available tickets. Follow each step with care, and you should be fine. Fingers crossed you get the tickets you want. This morning, Eventim was thankfully a pretty straight forward process. Good luck.
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