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  1. Can’t stop playing the lights of Home. Both versions. I think it would make a great end to the live shows. Cranking it up till everyone is belting out “Free yourself to be yourself” with the house lights up Its the new 40!
  2. They have every concert now filmed with lots of high end cameras. Would be cool if they put out a DVD of the show with a song from about 23-25 different shows
  3. ofoghlada

    Movie Shoot

    Seeing as there are 4 nights in Sao Paulo, could they be recording there for a movie release of the tour? Hope so, it would definitely have a great atmosphere, Spain, Italy and South America definitely the best crowds!
  4. Early November when I was sent the notice to re subscribe
  5. Done all that but all I keep getting is the u2 22 download and not the extra songs
  6. Electric Co Two Hearts Mofo Gloria Wire Do you feel loved Hawkmoon
  7. Renewed my membership but didn't get the offer of these two downloads, can anyone help?
  8. Just looking to get some feedback on this Vid I shot for my mates band Betty and the Id, the song is called Id Mangle and we had about an hour to put something together in the recording studio. Music starts in a few seconds and in a slight tribute to "Rattle and Hum" the colour kicks in near the end lol. Whaddaya of both song and vid think?! http://vimeo.com/42384227#
  9. Hi guy's, hope someone can help me out. Got a second hand U2 Ipod off a mate with the complete u2 plus some other tracks on it (payment for some help I gave him and he knew I was a fan) great I thought until i realized it is formatted for a Mac and I have a PC, it will reformat OK but I would lose all the music on it. So I'm trying to find out how I can get the music off the Ipod, onto Itunes on my PC and then reformat the Ipod and re-upload the tracks? Bit of a technophobe so any help would be appreciated. THANKS!!
  10. I don't believe it! The self appointed great and good on this forum have no answer. This has to be a first lol!
  11. Has anyone else lost their U2 artwork for their iTunes? Tried to get it back but no luck.
  12. http://www.amazon.co.uk/g...=pe_3451_17648281_snp_dp Is this the annual U2 xmas stocking filler!!!!
  13. Any on there, more then happy with whats on it but could always do with more....................
  14. [quote name='bacadorina wrote: MacFoley']if some people read the announcement about u2ube......... FOR A POSSIBLE FUTURE DVD RELEASE is what it said.............. so it might not even get released on dvd yet so, i say they should film it when they return in europe, fuck having 96,000 on it, id rather have a crowd pumped up which as i say, if you feed u2 they will perform. That's what I already said in my previous posts - Europeans connect better with the band, we are more enthusiastic and energetic and to prove this, just look at the reaction of Milano's crowd during Vertigo # 05 D
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