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  1. in 2005, Bring my oldest son, then he was 13, to his first ever concert. was a u2 concert in Toronto. We took the train from Montreal at 5 am. 5 hours later, we hit the big city, tour the city a little bit, went to the hockey hall of fame, went to the CN tower... all of that was really just an appetizer to what was happening next...a U2 concert, side stage, a little bit to high, but to see my son amazingly looking at everyone's singing u2 songs, participating to that big communion an be surrounded by that energy was something that I will never forget. since that day, he is now 21, he saw many other concerts, but that one was his first and still a vivid...actually, that´s kind of funny because just deep down once again in that souvenir is as much better than winning that vinyl...:-)
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