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  1. I have to disagree strongly, sorry. Corporations, by law, cannot send gifts! It can only be labelled merchandise (we discussed this here on different occations) and then (there you are correct, twoshots) there HAS to be a value inserted. This is the only possible option - the packages had been labelled as "gift" up to this year and for that very reason I had to pick up the packages from the customs office every year but one for the past ten years...
  2. Just for clarification - the EUR 28.50 are charged by the German postal Service for their customs release services. This is to avoid the recipient having to show up personally at the customs office. In additon to these service fees, the postal service usually also charges for the transport to the recipient and potential fees taken from the customs office. "Incomplete customs Information" refers to the issues mentioned above: in the past, "gift" was checked which is not allowed for shipments from a company into Germany, now the value of 0 EUR is stated which, again, is not allowed by German customs and results in having to notifiy the recipient to come to the customs office for personal pick-up (or using the German postal service for a charge of at least EUR 28.50).
  3. No, I posted already two days ago that there are packages in Germany that state a) 0 USD, b) 1 USD and c) 10 USD as value. Still wondering whether Live Nation is rolling the dice to come up what they put on the form? And yes, that customs problem seems to be mainly affecting Germany - that does not make it any better for us though You will find some answers, reports on how many are affected in German on our facebook page (post about three days ago), for some reason most of them do not post here though asked. Let me assure you that we as a webpage have many reports and complaints in our German-speaking forum and also receive many Messages on various channels regarding this topic. I cannot understand why this is being mostly ignored by official channels...we've been reporting this for so many years and at least since this year, Live Nation does not label the package as gift anymore because although they sometimes stated a value on it, it is a showstopper for customs as companies cannot send gifts. This was solved but now with giving 0 USD as value (which is not possible) customs HAS to ask the recipient to personally appear and explain that. a) German customs would need the following entries into form CN22: check Merch box, give a realistiv value not higher than USD 20 (but definitely NOT 0 USD!!!!). All is solved and it would be so easy!!!! b) As far as we know: Germany c) Live Nation should know the number of fans subscribing from Germany....it feels like the majority of us have had issues either this year or the past 10 years (like myself). To be honest, patience is really running low now, in particular since this issue could be solved to easily. My package never arrived, is now on its way back to the US and I surely hope that Live Nation will send another package soon - abiding all the rules as necessary that that I will possibly receive my gift before February - for the anniversary of my payment...
  4. Just found the thread again: There you can find all info on customs regulations - it's actually very very easy and would be really easy for Live Nation to implement: a) do NOT Label package as gift b) do NOT give the value as 0 or 1 USD but something like e.g. USD 15 (up to 20 would be ok) All done and solved - at least for the majority of recipients in Germany. Couldn't be easier, could it?
  5. Update: customs office only held my gift til yesterday, sent it back to the German postal service - they told me they cannot take the package out of the process and it will be sent back to the US. Great! Now I have to try to convince u2.com that I really did not receive the package and ask them to send it again....This will take ages...and all because the package was not labelled correctly....Not happy Regarding the customs rules you are asking about above, I would like to refer you back to the customs thread we had earlier this year. Will look for the link in a sec
  6. I'm genuinely angry now (to put it mildly)!!!! As expected, I got notification from my German customs office today (11 December) that I have to personally claim my gift there or pay more than USD 30 (converted) to have the postal service do it for me. AND: the letter is dated 4 December and they told me they'd hold the package until 11 December (TODAY)!!! I got the letter after work at home, roughly at 6pm. The customs office was only open until 4pm....NOW WHAT? I will try to contact them tomorrow but seriously doubt that my package will still be there and even if...the opening hours are during my work hours. By the way, the package gives a value of USD 0 - it was absolutely clear from the beginning that the package would be stuck at customs!!! I do not know how often we reported to Live Nation and here that a company cannot send an item without value to Germany (see the other thread for detailed info on that from earlier this year, way before the goods were dispatched). I do not understand, how paying members (i.e. customers) can be treated so respectlessly. I paid in February, is it too much to ask that I would like to have the membership gift by Christmas? The fact that I have to pick it up from customs (and believe me, there are many many Germans in the same position) is so unnecessary if only Live Nation decided to handle the shipment properly (as requested a thousand times) or, even better, ship items to Europeans from Europe ( to fans of a European band!!). @bigwave and @Max Tsukino, how can I get my gift asap, without having to take off time from work or without paying another USD 30 for the postal service? Any ideas? And any ideas how to change anything for the better in future? P.S.: Does Live Nation roll the dice for the value they put on the packages? In Germany, there were packages received with USD Zero, USD One and USD Ten stated on them....
  7. Ok, got no shipment Information or invoice in my account profile. No Information in the order history of either of the two shops though I re-subscribed in February, not even the order itself is shown. Got the download link in my profile though and received a shipment mail on 4 November - yet, when I use the link, UPS says: "UPS could not locate the shipment details for this tracking number. Details are only available for shipments made within the last 120 days. Please verify your information." The shipment was allegedly made 10 days ago. A friend of mine here in Germany has exactly the same problem (he renewed in March). Seriously, why are the shipments for European fans and customers of a European band made from the US? Every single year the same hassle...(and I am not even mentioning the customs clearance issue) With the issues described above, I do not feel assured that the shipment will arrive here in Germany at all. Bigwave and Max, do you have any information on a case like mine and what's going on there? Thank you so much in advance for your support.
  8. We addressed the many troubles Europeans, and in particular Germans, have to go through to get the subscriber's gifts in detail in the following thread (and showed how to easily solve this issue through correct labelling): Unfortunaly, someone decided to archive it, though nothing has been solved yet and it seems that the packages will AGAIN be sent from the US (and from experience, I'd say that the will AGAIN be labelled incorrectly and cost us fans in Germany a lot of effort, time and money to retrieve from the customs offices) John (@bigwave) - you said that our issues were going to be sent to LN in February. Has any response surfaced since then? Looking forward to your response (this is Sabine from Hamburg )
  9. As you are mentioning customs clearance....I, unfortunately, can't find the topic anymore in which we discussed in detail how some Europeans (in particular Germany, it seems) have been forced to go to their local customs office to pick up the subscriber gifts (and often even pay customs fees) due to incorrect labelling the past decade. Is this issue now solved and can we expect to receive the package labelled correctly? Or will shipment be from Europe (before Brexit)? This would really, really be appreciated as it would save us time and money
  10. P.S. What I forgot to mention very clearly: a pro-forma invoice with a realistic amount (e.g. USD 20) needs to be included with the membership gift package. When being cited to the customs office, we always HAVE to bring an invoice. As the only invoice we have is the one for the full membership fee, this is often the amount that the customs officers take as base to calculate the customs fee. In any case, the customs office always requires an invoice! Again and very clearly: the gifts have been labelled as gifts to Germany for years now and did not include a required pro-forma invoice and that is the problem! If anyone is interested in reading it from an official source (English): https://www.zoll.de/EN/Private-individuals/Postal_consignments_internet_order/Shipments-to-Germany/Duties-and-taxes/Gifts/gifts_node.html Gifts can only be sent from private individuals to other private individuals. Everything else is a Commercial consignment and is only free of customs duty and Import VAT when its value is under EUR 22 (https://www.zoll.de/EN/Private-individuals/Postal_consignments_internet_order/Shipments-to-Germany/Duties-and-taxes/Consignments-of-negligible-value/consignments-of-negligible-value_node.html)
  11. Sherry, as on twitter (I am Sabine from U2tour.de) I, unfortunately, have to disagree. Under German Customs Law (maybe even European) a company cannot send gifts. While the membership gifts are labelled as gifts (and have been for years), they are actually a part of a package that I paid for and thus, should be labelled as that. Situation in Germany is as follows (and has been for me at least 9 times out of the past 13 years): we get a notice from the mail service that the package is at the customs office and all applicable forms. You can then: 1. either pay EUR 28.50 plus customs fees to the mail service that they do all necessary customs work for you 2. Go to the customs office yourself and pick the package up. In my case (and I live rather close to the customs office, others have to drive 50-60 miles one way) this means taking off time from work (due to the opening hours), wasting at the very least 2 hours of time for the way and waiting time, paying parking fees and last year also paying customs fees. At least all the other years I was able to avoid that through long discussions. This is the case for (estimated) 80 per cent of the German fans regarding the membership gifts, taking into account the feedback we receive in our forum and via our social media acounts.. We have addressed that numerous times with Live Nation as this situation is inacceptable but never received an answer. The membership gifts cannot be labelled as gifts (possibly better as membership pack or similar) and should state a realistic value! (up to ca. 25 USD would be ok). Otherwise the customs office will either take the full membership fee or even the value they research via ebay or discogs as base for their own evaluation. Btw, quite a number of German fans do not pick the packages up at all but let them be returned to the (European!!!) return address only to ask for them to be sent again and again until they acutally by chance are delivered directly.... What is really, really ridiculous, btw, is that the past few vinyls were produced in Europe, were shipped to the US and then sent back to Europe so that we had to pay customs. How much sense does that make? (not taking into account the ecological footprint...) Regarding u2.com: I never order there! Why? Ridiculously high postage to Europe, plus enormously long shipping times, plus customs fees and the time I have to waste with the customs office....I am quite certain that sales would increase enormously, if European fans (of an actually European band) would be treated differently. Just my two cents ;)
  12. Is that a new email from today with the code or the original one from back then? She does have the original mail from last year that she could use if the code was still working...
  13. Hi, a friend of mine has specifically not used her presale code last December, hoping for Dublin shows and her codes disappeared when all codes were cancelled (even the not-used ones). It is not in her account and she has not received an E-Mail. How can she get her code? Thanks a lot in advance
  14. As this has been part of the membership for years, we should get these as long as we are paying subscribers
  15. #unforgettablegig Wow, where do I start? Would the most unforgettable gig in my life (and I am a really regular concert-goer) be U2 in October 2001 in Baltimore? So little time after 9-11 and me being an expatriate in the US (I originate from Germany) and having experienced this tragedy without family or close friends in a foreign country, this concert was so soothing and emotional that I will never forget it. Or would it be seeing Kate Bush live on stage just last month? A dream of thirty years coming true - and I was not the only one bursting into tears several times during the show. Well, I think my most unforgettable gig will be U2 playing Gelsenkirchen on 12 June 2005. Odd choice you might think but this gig truly changed my life! It was the first time I ever met people from "my" forum (u2-forum.com; forum of u2tour.de, the biggest German-speaking fansite around) personally. I had never done anything like that before but we agreed in our forum to meet to queue for the concert around midnight - and most certainly were in front of one of the lines for GA. I am the one in the middle of the picture, sporting the Larry Mullen Band shirt During the long wait (which did not feel long) I got to meet so many new people and had so much fun. The show was just a blast! We ended up on the catwalk on Adam's side and the concert was fantastic! But that's not the end of the story, not by far! The next day, I met even more people from the forum when we got into the TV studio where U2 performed live in Germany for the first time ever. They were so close!! Just brilliant! And again, that's not the end of my story! I went to see five U2 shows altogether that summer, something I would not have done on my own - it was great to find a group of fellow-minded U2 fans to travel and hang out with! Through the years (and U2 tours) friendships started and I found many concert buddies. In 2009/2010 I saw 18 U2 shows - again, something I would not have done on my own (including the long queueing in front of the venues) and I got to see places I wouldn't have travelled on my own (Horsens, Coimbra, Helsinki, etc.). We had huge gatherings in Dublin with dozens of people and after the final European concert in Rome in 2010, we spontaneously went out for dinner with about 40 people. So, in addition to seeing brilliant U2 concerts, my life was enriched with meeting fellow U2 fans - and that does not only include fans from German-speaking countries but fans from all over the world. And I look forward to seeing them again during the next tour and to sharing all the fun. While I meet some concertbuddies only during U2 tours, there are friendships that started back then that go way beyond. We meet for other concerts or events although we are from all over the place. We travel abroad for fun or concerts (or both) when U2 are not on the road and so on. To cut a (really!) long story short: this very concert in Gelsenkirchen on 12 June 2005 really changed my life - and not only mine. I am sure that many more can tell a similar story and I hope that the band know that their music unites people, literally.
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