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  1. After Cologne #1, really enjoyed the two nights in Amsterdam, loved the setlist changes in the part before the HMTMKMKM intermission, although I really love Iris! Meeting Bono before the show yesterday (see the picture) was the icing on the cake! Thanks U2 for an amazing Amsterdam Experience! Up next: London #1
  2. I did, arrived exactly at 8pm and I think everyone in the traffic jam made it. Fortunately, the road was opened earlier at 7:15pm so it was not as bad as predicted by the WDR traffic info (9pm). Most importantly, the show was great!!
  3. Very likely that a lot of people will miss the show tonight. A57 is being repaired and likely closed until 9pm... ?
  4. Stuck with a lot of other people wearing U2 shirts on the A57 from Krefeld to Köln, road is closed due to a car fire. Haven’t moved one meter during the last hour. Getting a bit nervous... Could the moderators pass this message to the band ?
  5. Thanks for the tip. Although I am waiting for the Retail presale at noon, so just helping out others to find the correct link.
  6. Strange, if I click on it it still keeps sending to the 7th of October. Well, the link I copied earlier should work anyway.
  7. Although the U2.com button for Monday 8 October brings you currently to the show of 7 October. Here is the link for the second show: https://www.ticketmaster.nl/feature/u2/?language=en-us
  8. https://www.ticketmaster.nl/feature/u2/?language=nl-nl But this is of course only for the Netherlands, whereas the link that you mention referred to all European shows that went on sale last week.
  9. Bol.com (Netherlands) sent the e-mail confirming this last Friday.
  10. To be honest, I think it is actually meant as a nice gesture from U2 to the people of their home country. The Ireland shows always have a huge demand and attract many people from outside Ireland. By publishing the Irish dates later, this makes these people from outside Ireland to secure tickets for other shows, and therefore, these codes will no longer participate in the Irish presale. Which means that the people from Ireland have to compete less with others and have much higher chances to score tickets for the shows in Ireland. Of course, hope you will eventually score the Irish
  11. The whole week, you can win U2 tickets for the Ziggo Dome at the Dutch radio station Veronica, see link: http://www.radioveronica.nl/acties/maak-kans-op-kaarten-voor-u2
  12. And for the additional US E&I dates in 2018 there were presales as well. I have no doubt that this will also be the case for the European shows. Having said that, I'm still going to log on on Friday just for the unlikely event that there aren't any presales for additional shows.
  13. Wondering whether there would be a support act at all. In 2015, there were none during I&E Tour. Having said that, I would love to have Noel again
  14. Thank you! I will contact them and post here when I get a response.
  15. Any of the moderators who can shine a light on whether the code that will be received from the local retailer (I purchased the album in the Netherlands through bol.com) will also be valid IF a second date in the Netherlands is announced after the first show is on sale (and will be sold out)? Or will this retailer code only be valid for the shows currently announced? I'm in eXPERIENCE priority group, so not too worried about getting tickets tomorrow, but just wondering about this. Many thanks in advance!
  16. Read somewhere that the show(s) will be recorded for a DVD. Any confirmation on that? At least usually the roof of the stadium is not covered by black sheets like this...
  17. Maybe they will close a section outside the stadium for early queuers, that's what they did in the past as well. Can not imagine there will be a small fos inside the stadium besides the red zone if multiple sources confirmed this last week. Have any pictures of the stage build-up emerged. Other rumour is that they are shooting a video today in Amsterdam
  18. Well, it was quite relaxed in London, so hope it will be the same without pit in Amsterdam. Red zone would have been nice, but I'm happy with 3 U2 shows with 'just' regular GA tickets. Will find a good spot anyway. Enjoy the Red Zone and thanks for providing the helpful information!
  19. Thanks for checking multiple sources! Pity there won't be a separate front of stage section for early arrivers, but then also no stress about getting in such section...
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