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  1. From my concert experiences prior to TJT 2017, I had heard more of the tracks from Achtung Baby than I had those from The Joshua Tree.  The band did also play Acrobat for Experience + Innocence, a tour I unfortunately wasn't able to witness.  I'm not sure that ZOO TV is a concept that can be re-created easily, if at all.  To hear AB in its entirety though would seem like an opportunity too good to miss out on.  It's definitely my favourite album of theirs.  I'd absolutely welcome and want a new album tour as well.  It would be great if they could manage to get around to doing both.  The order in which they'd occur wouldn't matter much to me.

  2. 14 hours ago, dmway said:

    ...and I finally got around to listening to the new remaster.

    It's very nice! Since the original album was well-recorded, well-mixed, and well-mastered in the first place, there wasn't a lot to improve. Having said that, the 2020 version does sound a little cleaner and has a little better sound balance. Nothing earth-shattering, but it does sound a bit better overall.

    As I expressed in earlier posts, I'm still a bit disappointed that what was on offer in the deluxe set wasn't nearly enough to make me entertain the thought of actually buying it (especially with the eye-watering price for the set); however, I'm glad I got the single-disc version. It's a nice addition to the U2 collection.


    Now featuring The Ground Beneath Her Feet (at least for those that didn't have that track included upon the album's initial release back in 2000). :)  

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  3. Definitely back-to-back songs here that need a return to the live set.  Here's hoping, as they've both eluded me so far.  Solid performance of Gone here.  Edit:  make that back-to-back-to-back.  Love NY too! :)

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