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  1. lol. Thanks, lion! Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
  2. Happy Birthday, Adam!
  3. I agree about no opening act. Seems like a fairly realistic possibility too now with the tour just about two months away.
  4. Everything could still end up in pairs, but they've been great about not doing identical setlists in one city and I doubt that'll change.
  5. They're neck and neck for me, but they are definitely my top U2 albums from 2000-onwards. When comparing favourites, I'd give a slight edge to NLOTH, but my least favourites favour SOI. Can't wait to hear these songs live!
  6. Fantastic version of RTSS. Missed it at Vertigo and would love it for i & e.
  7. Cedarwood Road Raised By Wolves This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now The Miracle Every Breaking Wave Song For Someone Volcano The Troubles California Iris Sleep Like A Baby Tonight Changes all the time though.
  8. Could be in the set for at least some shows, as previous bonus tracks like The Ground Beneath Her Feet and Fast Cars were for their respective tours. @ jethronh I've read recently that Street Mission contains The Edge's longest solo.
  9. Great ideas here. Personally hoping for anything from R & H and Pop; have yet to hear anything from either.
  10. For me, any song is fair game until they begin rehearsals. That's when I narrow it down.
  11. I agree with you, Mike, about what might be harming sales, so any added dates might come after the holidays at the earliest. We're also potentially waiting on more info (opening act - should there be one, and what innocence and experience might entail) so *perhaps* any new gigs could be announced with that. I'd hope they wouldn't announce a new gig THAT late, though they are doing some things differently nowadays, so I suppose I shouldn't entirely rule anything out.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me, and with the new dates now on general sale, we should find out soon enough. I wonder how it all affects the rumoured 2016 trek too. Will there be overlap between cities played in '15 and '16, and if so, how much?
  13. Definitely! Yes to the poll of rare/unplayed songs, and the location being Dublin or NYC also makes a lot of sense.
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