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  1. Yep - i think a couple of those dates before July 6/7 will be Toronto dates. Agreed. 4 shows on one Vertigo leg, 3 shows total for 360, the demand is definitely there.
  2. Guessing it'll be the usual balance of new material, staples, rareities, electric with some acoustic, just with more setlist variance from night to night than past arena tours. Could also see parts of the setlist being grouped by the two themes as well, instead of one night for songs dealing with innocence and the other for experience.
  3. Think I'm in the same boat, and I'm preparing for no physical ticket. It says on the page where I bought tickets that reserved locations are credit-card entry. My confirmation e-mail says e-tickets under delivery, and gives me the option to either go mobile (sign into ticket account, tap orders and show tickets on phone) or to print tickets at home. Of course, the event info page where I bought the tickets says "delivery on all tickets will be delayed until on or around the public onsale date", so this all might become clearer around Monday. Hope that helps somewhat. I've never done a paperles
  4. Could see the seats adjacent to the red zone being popular, but surely they'll make good use of the entire stage. Will see what the presale brings.
  5. Interesting stuff. Plus with pairs, 2 shows become 4, and 4 become 6. Some big-time markets with only 2 shows at the moment and even the ones currently with 4 could likely support more.
  6. Heard the "major concert announcement" mention on radio. Fingers most definitely crossed.
  7. 1) Cedarwood Road 2) Raised By Wolves 3) Volcano 4) Song For Someone 5) The Miracle I'd say the gap between my most listened to and least listened to track is narrower for SOI compared to any of their albums.
  8. Sing yourself away from victory and from defeat.
  9. Never in company. Never alone. No car alarm. No cellular phone.
  10. sorry, where is this from? Mistake on my part. Explain all these controls. Can't sing but I've got soul.
  11. An intellectual tortoise racing with your bullet train
  12. Goodbye. You can keep this suit of lights.
  13. Do they know where the dance comes from. Yes they're doing the atomic bomb.
  14. It's in your voice, has me ringing like a bell.
  15. Drowning my sorrows, but my sorrows they learned to swim.
  16. Definitely! Has to be my favourite song that they haven't yet done in its entirety in their concert setting.
  17. u22009

    10 U2 Songs

    I know right! lol I'd estimate half of their output could conceivably make a case for my #11.
  18. u22009

    10 U2 Songs

    The honourable mentions list is miles long, but for today it's... One Angel Of Harlem Walk On Until The End Of The World Bullet The Blue Sky Gone Even Better Than The Real Thing Pride (In The Name Of Love) Unknown Caller Cedarwood Road
  19. I don't think it'll be that drastic. The tour is 4-6 months away. I doubt Bono would have to spend that long away from the stage. I'm hopeful of that too, Peter. 360 was announced early March for an end of June start. I see a delay in the tour being announced, but if rumours are accurate of a May start, the dates might not be in jeopardy at this point. Hopeful for a full recovery for Bono.
  20. Good point. I'm a big fan of R & H in general, so I'd welcome more of it/it more often live.
  21. Great stuff. REALLY want to hear full band electric Desire on the upcoming tour now!
  22. I don't know if/how much MTV differs from the US to Canada, but I'm in Canada and the channel has a listing for the awards for 7pm on Sunday.
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