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  1. chris wrote:

    As much as I love U2, I think you're all crazy! The Beatles were the blueprint for modern pop/rock, without them there would be no U2. U2 makes amazing music, but the Beatles *changed* music. I can understand why some people might not like them, but you can't deny that in every possible way they are more important than any other band.


    And as for the people who don't like The Beatles, I noticed that most of you say you only have one album, or a best of compilation. That's just the thing - in their later years (ie their most creative period) they were an album band, not a singles band. You need to hear albums start to finish to realize what they were all about. Imagine if all you knew of U2 was the 18 Singles comp, I doubt they'd be your favorite band.


    This may be true, but.......it's timing.....and if the beatles didn't do it, someone else would have.

  2. ONE01 wrote:

    Why does everyone have it in for Coldplay? For a start they are great friends and fans of U2, and they've written many songs that we'd be banging on about forever if U2 had written them. Bono was just being a wind-up merchant as usual, I just can't believe what a ridiculous reaction it's provoked. And why do Americans kiss the Beatles' asses so much...


    As for comparisons with Radiohead... an entirely different brand of genius.

    I am an American, and I dislike the Beatles.

    I like Coldplays sound, Albiet, am not ALL that familiar with it. ...I heard the comparisons to u2, and I heard it said that they admire u2 and are influencedby them. Take that all for what it's worth.

    Then I saw the 60 minute thing before the Grammys, saw some live footage, and except for the fact that Martin has a bit of a differant........ummmmm......approach..aka...hopping around the stage with long lanky arms and legs........They were doing EXACTLY the same things u2 does.....NOTimpressive.......There is a difference between incorporating influence into you'r own artwork,,,and palagerism. Now...That being said....in fairness toColdplay, that is the only piece of live work I have seen. I did see some footage on a video of some sort on an "On Demand" thing.....And he did seemto be trying to be touching like bono.....and it wasn't working...it looked forced.....anyway......I can't help but think they are trying to besomething thay are not (necessarily)...


  3. achtung72 wrote:

    It's a pity he couldn't just of stopped with Martin is a wanker, I can't believe he's quoting him alongside Ray Davies & Macca.


    Noel Gallagher fair play as he just recyles the same themes again and again.


    Bono just gives far too much credit to mediocre work, he doesn't feel the same way about Snow Patrol or god forbid Athlete.


    U2 spawned alot of crap lets face it, none of these pretenders are fit to lick their sexy boots.


    Radiohead are one of the only bands who recognise their influence but bring something completely different to the table, surely Bono must see they are the true genius out there and not these 3rd rate tribute acts that can't find their own sound and keep hijacking theirs.


    Chris Martin is a Wanker full stop!

    I am with you brother!



  4. razspazz wrote:

    Hahaha. That's great. Good to see a bit of feeling in the campaign even if Bono was just having fun.

    I think it's grand that he may be in the mood to shoot his mouth off.

    Bring it!



    You guys are just on the ball this morning!!!! I'm loving me some thread!!!.....Shoot away!!image

  5. chilli66 wrote:

    A typical case of the media jumping on a comment & trying to create news from it. At least I can see now why the press here (in the US) haven't made a big deal out of it. It'd be fun seeing them explain what "wanker" means!


    Anyone see the 60 Minutes special on Coldplay on Grammy's night? The host asked Chris Martin why he thought they'd done so well in the last few years. "U2 have been on holiday" was his answer. I really don't see any anymosity between the two bands, as I said, just the press trying to make hype from shite.

    I'm LMAO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image


  6. meweavy wrote:

    bono called macca a wanker live on radio 1.when he was being interviewed by jo whiley he called macca a wanker and said he was disfunctional.


    did anybody else hear this.\??was it tongue in cheek humour or did he mean it.


    i thought bono and macca where mates.


    I'm laughing my ass off!!!!!!!!image

  7. jadmix wrote:

    paholla wrote:

    lucky you..they never come in italy :'(

    Wha? Milan 2005 where in my opinion Bono performed the greatest version of Miss Sarajevo EVER in fact I think I could safely say that this was the greatest performance by Bono singing any song,I was never a big fan of the track with Pavarotti I would call it a good track but the Bono Milan version makes the hair on my neck stand up everytime.


    I agree! It was excuisite........



  8. normdiddly girl wrote:

    I hope this works!

    Im' glad to finally get here...been having trouble!! Anyway, Hello! Hello!

    I have been a paid subscriber for a long time now, but have never visited the zoo.

    Hopefully I will be able to figure it all out!!

    Any words of wisdom??



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