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  1. I managed to select two RZ tickets for MSG a total of 11 times and each time when I thought I’d was going to buy them they were ‘bought’ by another customer. After 14 minutes of shenanigans I managed to buy and complete on two RZ1 tickets for MSG. Very stressful ...roll on Jun !!!
  2. Agreed. Managed to get Red Zone for MSG with no problems at all. Feeling blessed !!!
  3. Did you manage to get any tickets to next years shows ? I've managed to bag a couple of RZ's for MSG, should be a good trip for us from the UK.
  4. The lemon lived on the top of my wardrobe for 14 years, I thought it would be a good final resting place for this unusual piece of tour memorabilia !!!
  5. So glad the lemon is still there. I wrote my email address on the side requesting folks send pictures of themselves with it !!!
  6. Got my email at 3.43 UK time, hoping to score Red Zone Madison Square Garden tickets later.... roll on 15.00 UK time !!!
  7. Anybody know of plans to sell South American tour shirts through U2.com, I want one !!!
  8. Managed to get to see the tree in 2011, together with a trip to Bodie aka ‘Red Hill Mining Town. Left my inflatable lemon from Popmart tour as an offering to the tree !!! Also been up One Tree Hill in Auckland in Nov 2006, where we bumped into Larry the night before the gig !!!
  9. Without a doubt Italy is THE place to attend live events. Had the pleasure of seeing U2 in Rome and Milan, both incredible atmosphere's.
  10. Joshua Tree and inflatable lemon
  11. I hear the band have been rehearsing in Dublin. The new songs are taking a lot of working and things are getting heated between the band members. I hear MrBono stormed off last Thursday in a huff. Just so long as things are sorted by Milan July 7 Also Dublin 24/7,Wembley 14/8 & Sheffield 20/8
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