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  1. Setting off for Manchester when the kids have left for school (one has gone already, the other is loitering!). Very excited! See you there!
  2. Can't wait til tonight. What a great way to celebrate my wedding anniversary!
  3. Thank you to everyone who sent me a Christmas card. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. And to anyone who is after tickets for the Joshua Tree tour, I hope you get what you want xx
  4. Yay! Got GA tickets for Dublin and London! I was impressed with how easy it was this time, sailed through with no problem. Is it July yet?!
  5. My presale code showing on tours page now though not got email yet. Good luck everyone, I hope you all get the tickets you want!
  6. What questions did everyone ask? Let's see if any of them get asked!
  7. Is that a bonus part of our membership?
  8. I heard that too - something about no flash
  9. [quote name='CatKim wrote: tiziana68 wrote: CatKim'] Hello everyone!! I was fortunate enough to be at the red carpet last night and got Bono and Edge's autograph on my JT book...what an exciting time!!! Wooooooooo!!!!!!!!! whohoooooooooooo I'm sooooo happy for youuuuu!!!!!!!!!Thank you. It seems though, everytime any band members get close to me and I'm taking pictures, I cut their heads off..lol I think I got some good pics though. I'd love to see them - can you post them on here so we can see them?
  10. That's amazing! Would love to meet them one day ...
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