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  1. Yup! I have that one. I agree a rare UF or October show would be great!
  2. I would love to see an never released October or Boy era show released on vinyl to members.
  3. Two new shows announced today. It looks like Denver is going to be left out again. Ugh...
  4. I bet the band does not know of the problems that everyone is having.... The press needs to get on this.
  5. All I know is U2 needs to fix the unintended consequences of this fiasco.
  6. I want to know what we can do. Are we just totally screwed by U2.com and Ticketmaster? How hard is it to give a long term fan who has never let their fan club membership lapse... a code for the chance to purchase tickets?
  7. I just called them -- I think I am in the exact situation you are in-- and they told me I was out of luck and would not be getting a code. Long term fans are absolutely getting screwed.
  8. I called TM today to see if I can get a code since I was told I was going to get a code and then I was denied a code. I was told that sorry you were not selected to get a code. I told them that they have sent codes to other people who are in the same situation. They did not care. I don't know what to do now. Does anyone have any suggestions? Oh, I am in the Experience group and have had an account since they went to the internet.
  9. I am still waiting for an Experience code... I am not sweating since I am waiting/ hoping for a Denver show, but I should not be excluded from a code since Ticketmaster can't figure out who is a fan and who is not...
  10. Around $100 after service charges. GA is worth it... not sure about Red Zone..
  11. This whole thing is a bad joke. Ticketmaster's algorithm simply can not make out who is a fan and who is not. I almost feel I need to take all of my records, t-shirts, books, ticket stubs, etc and head to the local Ticketmaster office to prove I am a fan.
  12. My cousin got a new text with code... I am still waiting... .please!!
  13. Yup. I got one as well..... Arrrgghh PM coming.
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