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  1. Two new shows announced today. It looks like Denver is going to be left out again. Ugh...
  2. I bet the band does not know of the problems that everyone is having.... The press needs to get on this.
  3. All I know is U2 needs to fix the unintended consequences of this fiasco.
  4. I want to know what we can do. Are we just totally screwed by U2.com and Ticketmaster? How hard is it to give a long term fan who has never let their fan club membership lapse... a code for the chance to purchase tickets?
  5. I just called them -- I think I am in the exact situation you are in-- and they told me I was out of luck and would not be getting a code. Long term fans are absolutely getting screwed.
  6. I called TM today to see if I can get a code since I was told I was going to get a code and then I was denied a code. I was told that sorry you were not selected to get a code. I told them that they have sent codes to other people who are in the same situation. They did not care. I don't know what to do now. Does anyone have any suggestions? Oh, I am in the Experience group and have had an account since they went to the internet.
  7. I am still waiting for an Experience code... I am not sweating since I am waiting/ hoping for a Denver show, but I should not be excluded from a code since Ticketmaster can't figure out who is a fan and who is not...
  8. Around $100 after service charges. GA is worth it... not sure about Red Zone..
  9. This whole thing is a bad joke. Ticketmaster's algorithm simply can not make out who is a fan and who is not. I almost feel I need to take all of my records, t-shirts, books, ticket stubs, etc and head to the local Ticketmaster office to prove I am a fan.
  10. My cousin got a new text with code... I am still waiting... .please!!
  11. Yup. I got one as well..... Arrrgghh PM coming.
  12. Houston April 7, 1987 Houston April 8, 1987 Denver November 8, 1987 Austin November 22, 1987
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