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  1. Three R&H remixes, a bit of a let down. If they were going to celebrate 30 years of R&H how about a vinyl with the film songs not on the original album. The U2 Corporation just seems completely out of touch with their subscribing customers.
  2. Blessed are the drummers for they will never have the burden of leading a band.
  3. I hope after the LA date that the go north to Seattle and Vancouver. They owe Vancouver after the lackluster Joshua Tree show and all the issues fans had just getting inside the venue. The Vancouver Joshua Tree show was probably among their worst shows in the last 20 or more years.
  4. I think U2 has taken the eXPERIENCE and iNNOCENCE thing a little too far. Not sure losing your iNNOCENCE to the financial sodomy the ticket prices are is the eXPERIENCE fans really wanted. What does Guy O'Seary have on Bono that the band signed off on these ticket prices?
  5. Very few experience got GA for Vegas. I was in immediately and nothing. Tried for 30 minutes and never any GA. I am sure the casino hotels are well stocked.
  6. It gave them the advantage of trying local and if no luck to go elsewhere. West coast if they couldn't find local had way fewer options to look elsewhere.
  7. I had to use the app on my phone to get it to work for LA. IE and Edge did not work for me on laptop. Las Vegas was a joke. GA gone in under 30 seconds. At least LA offered tickets for sale. Overall not impressed at all with the ticket buying experience. And U2 should have had all venues go on sale at same time. The 10AM local time zone gave east coast people a huge advantage. If they couldn't get in on local shows they could try going west, that option not available to those on the west coast. Very poorly thought out.
  8. I had the same experience with Las Vegas. It was a joke. Makes me think most GA's went to the hotels as they were gone within 30 seconds.
  9. U2 took the stage at 9:23 and the show ended at 11:18.
  10. Expensive. $50 CDN for t-shirts ($40 US?), $90 CDN hoodie ($75 US).
  11. I enjoyed the concert but it was uninspiring. I am not sure I saw the band crack a smile all night. Larry and Edge were grim as can be. Bono's voice was good but not great, seemed to lack a little power and evidenced by him not doing the opera voice in Miss Sarajevo. First the highlights; Sunday Bloody Sunday/New Years Day was a great one, two punch to start the show. A Sort of Homecoming - unexpected and very well done. Trip Through Your Wires - One of the few songs that I thought added energy to the night. Miss Sarajevo - the video was very well done. The Little Things Give You Away - always nice to hear a new song. The lowlights; The sound - even twenty rows back on the floor it was a bit boom-y and echo-y as hell. Pacing - way too many down tempo songs and the string of One Tree Hill, Exit and Mothers sucked every bit of energy from the show and was the wrong time for the band to leave the stage. Lena Dunham as a woman worth honoring (what the f were they thinking, she's admitted to molesting her sister). The Bono lead "Power of the people...." sing-a-long just flopped. More pacing - Streets was way too early, the video for Miss Sarejevo was so serious it needed to be followed up by something upbeat and known. The lack of passion by the band by the end of the show - to me it looked like they left saying "well that didn't go as expected". beautiful Day - I appreciate they re-worked the song but it didn't work for me but kudos for trying. Pacing aging - ending the show with an unknown song. I think there will be lots of tinkering with the show. I am sure Vertigo will be added. A few more up tempo songs are required as well. re-think the women you display and honor; Rosa Parks, the Suffragettes, Lena Dunham - one of these does not belong. i am interested in following the setlists and see how they evolve as evolve they must.
  12. With the change in management this subscription has been a joke. Is it run by two year olds? Re-releasing The Joshua Tree and doing a glorify the past tour tour is bad enough (but we have option not to partake) , but do they understand that the subscription is an act of good faith on our part. We purchase without really knowing what we're purchasing. That it is U2's responsibility to live up to their side of the transaction. Renewals started Dec. 16, 2016 and it has been an abject failure on U2 and their management's behalf. No communication is possibly the worst of it. I do not think this would have occurred under the previous management. I fear that U2 has put their trust in a person and organization not worthy of that trust. Under new management, I see; - a recycled tour, - a cash grab in re-releasing TJT yet again and not making the new material available separately, - utter disdain for their paid subscription members, it's almost like it has been geared 100% to scalpers. I love U2 and their ideals. However, their new management does not share those same ideals.
  13. I am definitely giving the album a pass. I love U2 but will not allow myself to be ripped off by them and their new management. At this point I am passing on this tour, a first for me as well but I may cave come show day. As an aside, my son is in a band that recently got signed to a small label. They are putting out their previously released independent album with some remixing and slight additional recording added on their new label. They have next to no money but have already reached out to fans who purchased the independent release to contact them directly and they'd get the label release to them for free. Because it's the right thing to do. It burns my balls when my kid with no money can do the right thing but a rich band like U2 and their organization can't. I truly think a lot less of U2 for this.
  14. I'm just so glad that the U2 corporation focused on re-releasing The Joshua Tree yet again versus coming up with the subscriber gift that people have already paid for. I can imagine that meeting, "What's the priority Guy Oseary, putting out the cash grab Joshua Tree again or coming up with something for the paid subscribers?" "Paid subscribers are hooked, lets focus on getting people to buy The Joshua Tree yet again. Damn I love suckers all the way to the bank."
  15. Feeling like the newest re-issue of The Joshua Tree is nothing but a cash grab. Not making the new material (the live show and new re-mixes) available separately is nothing but greed. How many times does U2 and their management want me to buy The Joshua Tree in order to get material only available with the purchase of The Joshua Tree.
  16. Very disappointed by the offering this year. They're a band, I'm a fan of their music. So please give me music of some sort. Four photos, I'd rather they just saved the postage and environment and offered me a $30 choice without the photos. I expect there will be a download of the Paris show when the dvd comes out but without them saying anything that's just a guess. Such a let down after the last few years.
  17. I'm in for both nights on the floor. I'm from Canada and have never been to Europe. Really looking forward to spending a week in France with two guaranteed great nights.
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