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  1. The eventim innocence presale for manchester was hopeless. No GA's. Loads via the retail presale & TM
  2. The album presale didn't cost anything,there was a no purchase necessary link too.
  3. Any update on retail presale for UK/Germany/Portugal etc???
  4. They really are a disgrace. I contacted them via the ticketmaster.de website,maybe worth a try?? I'm attempting to purchase again this week for the 2nd show so I'll will be going through it all again. Good luck,hope it works out.
  5. Paying that amount of postage warrants next day delivery!! Good luck,sure they'll sort it. Were you heading? All starts again next week for the added nights.???
  6. Hi cazza. Hamburg. They have refunded me the shipping charge minus the will call fee. Ticket still in the ticketmaster.de account!! Have you received your ticket yet?
  7. Well Ive been purchasing European & US U2 tickets for years and have never come across postage charges like this tour. Eventim are one main culprit however on I&E tour for cologne they used mobile ticket entry only-simple and cost free. Whats the issue with print at home??
  8. Sold out almost instantly on Friday morning. Can't see any more been made available but always worth checking.
  9. Tier 1 Seats(104) £206.70 Tier 1 Seats(107) £111.45 Tier 1 Seats £79.45 Tier 1 Seats £42.20 Tier 2 Seats(203) £206.70 Tier 2 Seats(214) £111.45 Tier 2 Seats(218) £79.45 Tier 2 Seats(220) £42.20 s
  10. Agree about not looking after the fans-that's probably Live Nation and the agencies. There were tickets available this morning,i got GA's for Lisbon & Hamburg.
  11. Why would they want to? Money coming in for a membership and another opportunity to shift tickets. They will take money from anywhere to boost sales and profits. It may come as a shock but U2 don't look after their fans very well at all-other bands are very good at it.
  12. Thanks Ldec. I'll drop an email to ticketmaster. Just Lisbon to try and resolve now.............
  13. As the title states-the United Kingdom. Didn't get any options apart from World,Belgium/Netherlands?? or Austria??? Maybe you get other options if you spend 230E's
  14. Is it another way to rip fans when ticket agencies charge outrageous fees for international postage? Today Ticketmaster.de charged 34 Euros & Blueticket.pt (Lisbon) 40 Euros. No option for collection at either venue unless anyone can advise there was. Just about had enough with membership fees,service charges,booking fees and numerous presales. Would it be possible for a mod to enquire about the delivery charges please. Thanks.
  15. Its amazing isn't it? Unfortunately the band has exploited every revenue stream and that has been reflected fully on the fans. From the crooks at TM with outrageous fees's,the third party re-sellers which the ticket agencies actively encourage (and own in some cases) to the shambolic presale with the "lottery" of a code to long term subscribers. From a band who preach politics and human right issues it really is beyond a joke. From a European perspective hopefully we will not be involved in the disgrace which is "Verified Fan"
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