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  1. Managed to dig it out of my lj archives lol, here it is With or Without Stew See the cups full of rice See the carrots cut up nice I wait to stew Shake of pot and twist of spoon On a bed of lettuce I'll lay the mousse And I wait without stew With or without stew With or without stew Through the steam I watch the clock Time passes and you'll boil not And I'm waiting for you With or without stew With or without stew I can't live With or without stew And you give your potatoes away And you give your potatoes away And you give And you give And you give your p
  2. But U2 always did this. Specially Bono, he always starts talking about a new album waaaaaay before it would ever be released. And now after Edge said the tour will end in July, I would add at least 2 more years after that for a new album to be released. Counting on them already having a lot of the songs almost ready.
  3. lmao I once wrote a parody of WOWY called With or Without Stew based on the header to a news story about Adam taking cooking lessons
  4. lolol That's so funny. Edge doesn't seem to have ever seen Edge on stage though. And although Bono's voice was different back then, I don't think he ever sang like the dude from Muse. But this is full of lulz
  5. Yes, U2 is a mafia, and if people keep coming here just to complain and not add anything to any other conversartion and basically not behave like fans but likesilly poeple that don't know how the world works, they will bust your knee caps.
  6. Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me U2 has waaay to many songs that end with e lol
  7. Why do people come here just to make one post throwing a hissy fit and then disappear without even having the common courtesy of answering the replies theygot? I can't even decide which is more annoying: the possibility that they came here exactly to do that or if they just didn't like that people aren'tagreeing with them and chickened out of the whole forum...
  8. Accusing them of selling out over this Blackberry sponsorship is silly. IMO, if they sold out they did it when they started releasing an extra song in thealbums on some countries, or releasing a bazillion different versions of the albums, or releasing remastered versions of all the albums, etc... They know theyhave us crazy fans who want everything and they are counting on that to sell stuff. Do you really think the $50 subscription doesn't include at least atiny bit of proffit? They are a company, they need to make money, and they have been using less than popular tactics to do that for a lo
  9. Oo! The people at my local newsaper finally discovered this! They put a little note on their entertainment section saying that Bono is known for being a nice guy but said all of this about Chris. Totally missed the joking tone too and wrote it in a way that made it seem like they were complaining. Really stupid. People can call a wanker whomever they want to call a wanker, no matter how nice they usually are. He did call Jacques Chirac a wanker and everybody thought that was cool...
  10. Hmmmmm, interesting... This really seems to be related with the song! Cool, it explains a lot!
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