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  1. If you end up with an extra please PM me. I can meet u at the Red Zone line with cash.
  2. Need 1 Red Zone for Minneapolis if anyone has one. Can meet you at the check in area, Thank you!
  3. Please PM me if you have an extra RZ or 2. Thanks! Brian
  4. Looking for one or 2. PM me if you end up with any extra. Thanks! Brian
  5. Are the tickets still available? If so I'll take them.
  6. I would have a buyer for your lower seats possibly.
  7. I would be willing to buy your GA ticket but will not be waiting in line going in early probably going in around 5 o'clock
  8. 3 available IF you are willing to walk in at 5:15/30 with me... Not going in before that!
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