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  1. It saddens me that the best standing view can only be had if you are rich. So many concerts now are selling "front of stage", "golden circle" etc etc and anyone who can't afford it can't get near the artist they love. We really need to go back to the days of first come, first served. If you're prepared to queue then you should be entitled to be down the front or wherever you want to stand. As soon as U2 goes this way, I won't be paying.
  2. Personally I would be more than happy for them to go without this amazing, all singing , all dancing, super LED, etc, etc screen and just have the band and maybe a less technological screen or two and then drop the prices by at least 30%. I'm there for U2, not technology.
  3. I totally agree with dazed and confused. The prices now are extortionate. GA is reasonable but they are limited in number and what if you can't/don't want to stand? I wanted to take my daughters to their first ever U2 gig but they are too young to stand and there is no way I can afford to buy seats for all 3 of us. The pre sale code used to give you first shout on pretty much any tickets but now even that is limited because a whole bunch of tickets are also reserved for Citibank priority, O2 priority etc etc. Then there is this ridiculous "Platinum Seating" where they hold them back and then sell ordinary tickets at stupid, unaffordable prices. U2 as a band could and should do something about this. It seems to me that they are either unaware of this or are ignoring their fans because from what I can see in all of these forums and across social media, loyal U2 fans are voicing their disapproval and even stopping buying tickets/terminating their memberships. After this tour, I for one am definitely stopping my paid membership of U2.com. Why should I pay $50 in order to get a chance to buy seats that then cost a further £200 plus charges? Once I am out of U2.com, I will simply try and buy GA tickets through the normal channels and if this fails I will simply have to forfeit seeing my favourite band in concert. As a fan since 1985 and having seen them 15 times in various different countries, I feel saddened by this situation and let down by the band. I tweeted Guy Oseary and received no response and he sent that one response that we've all seen which to me was just a token gesture and nothing has changed as a result of it. U2 HAS TO ACT NOW. They are losing the love and respect of many of us. The new album is great but these ticket prices are disgusting. ACT NOW BOYS, PLEASE.
  4. Totally agree. It's pure greed. We are paying more and more and not getting our money's worth anymore. I still haven't received my subscription gift yet they want to take my money for everything as quickly as possible. This may actually be the first time I don't go and see the band live since 1992 which will be the most disappointing thing ever.
  5. A bit pricey? Complete rip off more like! What if you are unable to/don't want to stand for 2 hours or more?
  6. Not sure I agree with your choice of words bchamberlin but got to agree that this whole pre-sale thing is a mess and there are already tickets on secondary websites so it hasn't stopped that. Add to this the fact that the ticket prices are completely extortionate and ripping the fans off and I get why you're not best pleased.
  7. DISGRACEFUL PRICES. YOU ARE SELLING OUT U2. How can the average fan afford this? The answer is that they can't. And as for reserving a lot of the best seats for the VIP packages - I am furious. Basically, if you're rich you get the best views. So much for standing up for the poor Bono. I'm finding it harder and harder to defend you when many of my friends are criticizing you. Maybe they were right after all?
  8. I used my code for The JT tour but it’s not my fault that they announce another tour within the same year. My subscription is for one year and includes various things including pre sale. No matter how many tours they announce in that year, I shouldn’t have to pay earlier than I need to.
  9. I agree. I only pay my money to guarantee GA tickets. Standing at Twickenham was amazing but I had seats near the back in Amsterdam and the sound was terrible. I just don’t see why I have to re-subscribe when my original subscription payment was supposed to give me access to pre-sale.
  10. My subscription doesn’t run out until May 2018 but if I want to get pre-sale tickets I have to pay to re-subscribe now which is 6 months before I need to. Why? For U2’s love of money, money, money that’s why. You are becoming a disgrace boys. Taking more and more cash from loyal fans like me. Stop talking about problems in the world and start dealing with the problems of people like me who you are fleecing for more pounds than ever, while selling out to the biggest ticket tout of all ie Ticketmaster. Because of these new systems, no one can buy a ticket at face value from a fellow fan but has to go a Ticketmaster secondary site for a ticket at over the odds prices. It’s no longer a beautiful day Bono.
  11. I went to see Morrissey at the O2 in London which was paperless and all they did was swipe/print and let you in. It's just some part time employee on the turnstile that doesn't care who you are so long as the card swipes.
  12. I had tickets secured 6 (SIX) times and then it either timed out or crashed at various points in the ordering procedure. My code was not accepted on numerous occasions. After nearly 2 hours I finally got 2 GA tickets for New York but was actually wanting seats. Ticketmaster should be ashamed of themselves. Their business is to supply tickets for high demand shows, therefore they should be able to do this without any problems. Pathetic!
  13. I can't find a code anywhere. Talk about leaving it to the lady minute!
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