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  1. So true. I reckon this will be a release for RSD in November. I'd also like to see a release for The Hands that Built America.
  2. Looks good and I wonder if 'A Celebration' will get similar treatment?
  3. Have looked at the original post concerning the 2020 subscribers gift but can't see where this promise of a February date. Can you post the link of this? Thanks
  4. Who’s gonna ride your wild horses. Remembering how good it was on the last tour.
  5. I’m glad there was a change to the set list once the band toured Europe and yes the AB songs were great to hear. I have understand why there were no JT songs but it would have been awesome to finish on Streets instead of COBL.
  6. I wonder if the set list will be the same as the US tour or if there will be changes?
  7. One thing is for sure, no matter all the ways we discuss and debate the possibilities none of them will be the actual option the band take!
  8. I don’t have many regrets but one was not taking the opportunity to see INXS play live at Wembley following their X tour.
  9. Live versions tend to do it for me more than album versions so songs such as , Streets, a Walk On, Running to Stand still. Then there are a few songs (only a few though) that make me cry because they are so bad, Miami, Elvis ate America, Song for Someone.
  10. Whilst there will be a few changes here and there I guess this is what we will all get but I'm hoping there will be other songs from RAH, Zooropa and NLOTH played at some point. I'm still a little disappointed there's no 'Streets' but agree it's a brave setlist to say the least. Maybe if they release dates for countries not yet played on the last 2 tours they will include songs from TJT? Also, has anyone noticed that the last 4/5 songs of set 1 is exactly the same as the I & E tour 3 years ago?
  11. I can see LIAWHL being used as a bridge into Streets.
  12. Yep I'm a little excited too. I've heard them play live a number of songs I wouldn't have thought possible 5 years ago. With the Joshua Tree tour and hearing the album tracks was awesome and then on I & E I had Gloria, Party Girl, 40, October, Desire, Bad. If they are getting ready to play some rare stuff perhaps I'll get Stories for Boys, I threw a Brick, Two Hearts, love to hear Exit, One Tree Hill and MOTD again, Hawkmoon, So Cruel, Fez/Being Born, This is where you can reach me now.
  13. I would put my money on them having a break and preparing for the tour.
  14. Our 14 yr old is also in TSwift and she has two tickets for a concert at Wembley in the summer. Lucky for us that I have a cousin who is willing to take her to the concert!
  15. Not a bad album by any means. I still have issues with it but despite these things it's a good album, better that SOI, just not a great album.
  16. In the past Bono has been described as a prophet for our time. I'm not entirely uncomfortable with this description but as Kev Angell and others have said above, it is possible to disagree with Bono (or any other band mbr). I loved the stuff the band has done with Drop the Debt and relief for Africa. I felt the tax issue tainted and took away the good will attached the above and other political interests. The stuff on SOE is very political but possibly because this is the first time criticism has been directed at USA ( I think this is correct?) since Bullet the Blue Sky it
  17. No...but I've gone off them a bit with their later, more pop/commercial/cheap dance stuff. Much prefer songs like Everything's not Lost, Yellow.
  18. I'd be pretty sure that the following songs would be played every night on tour: You're the Best Thing Get Out Your Own Way Blackout Little Things Lights of Home Love is Bigger American Soul - possibly only for the American dates Love is All we Have could lead into Streets or even One as well.
  19. They’ll probably only play regularly 6 songs off the album. Which 6 would you like? They May rotate a couple? So which ones will they never play live?
  20. I couldn’t understand why Fez/BeingBorn has never been played live. It’s quite possibly one o& the best songs they’ve written this side of the millennium.
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