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  1. I scored 2 tickets to the GMZ also!  I wanted GA but only had the option of seats for $190 each.  Screw that.  If I'm paying $380 whats another $300 to have GMZ.  This will be my 15th show and my #1 bucket list.  See the band I love in their home town!


    Now on to the plane tickets, finding hostels and what do do in Ir for a week!

  2. 6 AM can't get here soon enough!  I'm ready to buy the plane tickets and start booking the Hostels!  This has been my bucket list since i first saw Rattle and Hum.  Man I hope I can score some tickets

  3. Just found out my mothers 70th bday is the same day as the tickets i bought! These are ticketless tickets  and are not transferable as you have to show up with the credit card and rphoto ID to get in?


    Anyone know how or if i can sell these tickets?  Just want face value of course.  Seems like a shame to keep two fans form attending because I can't go.

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