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    Good $100 Tix

    Folks - some pretty good lower level $100 tix just opened up it would appear for opening night. I just grabbed a pair in sec 108, row 17.
  2. Unlikely. Check the venue map from San Jose SAP arena (not the TM map)--posted in various threads. Well, but on the other hand, if the horizontal line in the "e" extends to a significant length before abutting into the "I", that would be reasonably consistent w/the SAP map (& Amsterdam, etc.) that's kinda where I got my hunch (Amsterdam map) and the tour logo. Like I said just a hunch. Another hunch, there really won't be a B stage per say but two stages.where they play significantly on each (not just the typical 3-4 song B stage acoustic set as an example). Maybe songs of innocence and the like on the "I" stage and more experience on the "e". E.g.; I will follow VS bullet or bad...
  3. Folks - Just a hunch, but to my experienced U2 concert going eye ('83 till now), the stage will be configured with an "Ie" (innocence and experience) taking up most of the floor and a catwalk connecting them. The two sides (top/bottom) of the "e" will be where the red zones are with the "I" being the other stage. As has been stated in earlier posts, these will be really good and really convenient. No Stress, just awesome. U2 may be in show business, but always put value out there for cost of the ticket, steep as it may be in this case. So don't stress. Enjoy!
  4. Folks - Vancouver was no problem. One important key is make sure you have an Ticketmaster account setup. All in took me 5 minutes for my 2 GA tix for Friday night. Good luck.
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