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  1. Heather - try this # for TM VIP experts - 877-484-7858. Little known fact, SOME VIP tickets are refundable or you can apply the $$ to another TM order. It all kinda depends.
  2. Still have friends who are getting the same error for SD.
  3. SAN DIEGO GA just worked for me on IE (I've been trying all browsers).
  4. Same for me for SD. I should have 1 allotment left. Code only opens VIP and RZ. I just want regular GA. Can't afford RZ. TM doesn't recognize my Red Hill code for anything other than VIP. I fucking hate TM. But honestly, U2.com should have been on top of this. Not their first rodeo.
  5. Were the Red Zone tickets for Rose Bowl and Levi (Santa Clara) really $70?? That's what TM says. Same price as regular GA. Did anyone buy one for $70? I saw $350 as the Red Zone price for other cities mentioned in the forum.
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