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  1. Love everything in this! The only downside is you gave away your age but I doubt you give a fiddlers Personally at the time I was deemed too young to travel by the régime at home!! They were good enough to direct the elder brothers to bring home gifts- a ticket stub long lost- head band that was really a ribbon with a Joshua Tree on it- long lost too... BUT the classic official white THE JOSHUA TREE t/shirt was eventually handed down- faded but I knew it was the real thing- in bits but remains in the t/shirt count. The Fanning interview is the famous 'naked' one pre Home shows....
  2. It's crazy- and I think myself (personally) the restricted view for the screen isn't been shown on that site either!!... I'd imagine the prices have peaked as much as they can- I hope anyway- Lot of people I know watching it..
  3. I'll quote your question again after this so it bumps back up.... I been looking into this for someone else- got no real answer yet! It's a risk if you look at the link underneath.. It seems that the 2 ticket rule for this is strict.. But long story short...It seems you wont know until you buy... Personally I think if your banking on all 4 tickets the safest option (not that I know your circumstances) would seem to be if one of your friends has a credit card with a different billing address (in some cases a different internet I/p address) and is good at keeping a surprise from the ot
  4. Second Night In Denver - Subscriber Pre-Sale email was the last e-mail with the code for me... date 26 March 2015
  5. I'm curious now... The code that appears is the same code that disapperaed for sure... I did't use mine at all first time and renewed inbetween! Just curious- not expecting a second code but will kick myself.. HARD..
  6. Now I wonder will my unused code from U2 360 work too??? Best of luck !!!
  7. I am listening to the new album in full every time. No weak songs IMO. thats after 48 listens!

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    2. mich40


      48 listens? That's impressive! Not that you've listened that many, but that you have kept up with it. :-)

    3. joshthetree


      Yes still listening too! Don't get bored at all with any of these new songs ---- can't wait fro Songs of Experience

    4. sugrue


      191 plays on laptop according to itunes- still have the same opinion!

  8. Hmmmm...Wondering if this site http://www.imovie.to/people/66560-u2 is really correct for 2015 listings... everything else seems to check out up to February 2014...

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    2. sugrue


      Pain _18 I'm not sure what exactly it means but these things appear to be listed for 2015... see this http://www.imovie.to/people/4935-bono


      if you scroll down it would seem that Bono makes a contribution in some way like a song for soundtrack or similar in these future listings.. Lovetown is listed 2015. or it may mean NOTHING!! Hmmmmm again!

    3. sugrue


      Mich40... I think its the old documentary.. the one with Hawkmoon 269 live???


    4. pain_18_
  9. U2 in Music is the equivalent of the Car in the automotive world .. Ford Escort Mark 6... Toyota Corolla 11th version... U2 Mark 6 or 7 at this stage... some owners of a mark 1 escort think the mark 3 is crap...:-)

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