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  1. Dublin through the Eyes of U2 (Rail)
  2. "U2 Outside It's America"- think that is what you are looking for... it came with ltd edition Joshua Tree 20th anniversary dvd
  3. Guys I've been trying for an hour. Nothing is popping up. are you using the link through the tours page on this site? I used that and it popped up. I'm using google chrome
  4. Love everything in this! The only downside is you gave away your age but I doubt you give a fiddlers Personally at the time I was deemed too young to travel by the régime at home!! They were good enough to direct the elder brothers to bring home gifts- a ticket stub long lost- head band that was really a ribbon with a Joshua Tree on it- long lost too... BUT the classic official white THE JOSHUA TREE t/shirt was eventually handed down- faded but I knew it was the real thing- in bits but remains in the t/shirt count. The Fanning interview is the famous 'naked' one pre Home shows.... http://www.rte.ie/archives/exhibitions/937-u2/291786-u2-naked/......... hard to blame the folks at home now for not leaving the young lad to go when I listen to it ha ha... them cold stony faced men on the cover of an LP named The Joshua Tree ha ha.. enjoyed this account!!!.. THE JOSHUA TREE at 30.. where does time go.. is it really 10 years since the remaster not to mind 30 years since... MILK IT is all I say.. I would...Thank you
  5. WriterforGod...Personally speaking..you remind me of 'me' from 20 something years ago.Being a U2 fan back then -if I bought a tape and LP- I'd to get the 7" Vinyl 12 " etc..I bought 2 of each cos one was for playing and the other one for my great unplayed collection- and then at one stage had to get them on Cd Single. I bought crazy stuff- picture heart sleeves, different colour vinyl, import cds,,misprints, vinyl the lot and became obcessive... still am. owner of 50 odd u2 t/shirts. some are worn to bits but worn underneath...no matter what even at the disco I went looking to the DJ for a U2 song-( got Sunday Bloody Sunday alot back then but things have changed)and then people and friends I knew were into different stuff but there were no swaps.. it was all tatoos and drawings etc. on schoolbags like U2, Iron Maiden, AC DC Depeche Mode The Cure etc showing my age but I went my own way to cheap bargain bins,did classical stuff (MOZART wow but Debuusy!!) and bought stuff like The Kinks(really liked), Bonjovi, Def Leppard,The Cure, Bryan Adams, Dead Kennedys, Roxette everything- MTV- everything- liked a song here and there and bought singles and LPS etc but what i found was I had a favourite song on each album. Back then over my bed -u2 tapes were on the left... Depeche mode(still my No.2) stuff in the middle of that shelf and everything else was up another 2 shelves! Then one day I said nah 'No U2' and put the U2 stuff up high and changed around the rest because I was thinking 'stuck in a moment' well before Bono was- U2 stuff came down again etc. played u2 stuff constant- only listened to Dave Fanning on the Radio etc... What I've typed thid far probably covers about from when I aged 11-18.. I'm now 42- I've played my unplayed collection manys a time- put it on mp3 even and all this kind of stuff and played them to over and over and over again..U2= still my No.1 Depeche Mode No.2 and then all the rest. Sharon387 opens my eyes to things above I have to google... I have the Radio in the car and if I like specific tunes then I will stay tuned but I do find myslef putting in U2 cd's mp3's at certain times depending at what I'm at...So I have no real answer except that you are probably sucked in now- I've seeen a lot of stuff in the media that says U2 were great before Achtung Baby and even seen before Boy.. Bono this and that... I don't care and I know them words are in some tune that came out lately that I could google but I wont ;-).. If you listened to half of what U2 would cite as influences before/during and even now- you'd be kept occupied- some I like and some I sorry I pressed play even.. If I was doing it again I'd keep to radio and if I like it- then I WILL FOLLOW ;-) Keep your options and mind open... Eventho I think U2 are the ultimate- this song for me is as Good as ever came out of Ireland at certain times and places https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HptaPHlAO2s Oh to have a car with a CD player :-)
  6. sugrue

    Ticketless Entry

    On Mon night there was a Queue to box office- not 100% sure but I dont think it was open until Door opening time- someone else will prob know that for sure but I deffo wouldn't leave it until you get to the GA entry door- cos you'll have to leave that area- turn around through the crowd behind you in the 'maze' system with the barriers and then have to go around and maybe join the line to the Box office. I would- without a doubt- to save yourself the stress send a msg to ticketmaster.ie cutsomer service right now tonight through the ticketmaster.ie site - know a few people that got sorted with a few problems- theres phone number too on the site. Make sure its the dot IE site!!!! best of luck
  7. Facebook had a 'Larry cam' showing Larry out onto stage and taking his seat towards end of October and drumming into BTBS... Class
  8. On U2 Facebook- posted 14 mins ago On Drums & Camera in one hour - Shooting ‪#‎U2ieTour‬ from the stage in Paris, Larry Mullen Jr. - Watch on facebook.com/u2 #U2ieTour ‪#‎U2onHBO‬
  9. might save yourself a few quid if travelling from outside Dublin!
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