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  1. I heard the start date of the whole thing. I didn't know they were starting in Europe.
  2. I heard they were going to open in Boston for this tour. I also heard they want to do two venues. 1. An indoor stadium where they play regular shows. 2. A more intimate venue where they play acoustic and differently arranged songs. No idea if any of this is true but I heard it from a Boston DJ yesterday and he said he heard it from Adam Clayton in an interview. Anyone have any info on this?
  3. Thank you all to those of you who responded!!!
  4. I haven't been on this site in years and as I sit here watching "From The Sky Down", I was wondering what King B and the boys have been up to. Does anyone have any idea if/when the next album is coming out? And what the heck happened to "Songs of Ascent"?? Thank you!!
  5. I haven't been on the site in a very long time. Can anyone help me?
  6. I've been blessed and lucky enough to see them 31 times!!! What about you?
  7. Still a little rough around the edges but I'm psyched they keep adding new songs to their set list!
  8. Didn't Bono say there was going to be another one out by the end of the year?
  9. ...but already have 99% of the songs on it. Very cool package though!
  10. There isn't really public transportation to Gillette (like you mentioned). It's kind of a pain to get to unless you drive (and even then it'sstill a pain). The traffic getting into the parking lot is always a mess and it's even worse leaving. But if your son can get a ride from someone, doesn't mind tailgating for a few hours before (and after) the show, he'll have a ball. It makes for a very long day, but if he's a huge fan, it will be a blast. I've done it over a dozen times and I enjoy it. Hey, maybe I could give him a ride. We might actually be taking a party bus so none of us have to worry about driving. Good luck!
  11. The thought has crossed my mind several times. It wouldn't surprise me and I think it'd be great...a very nice touch. Maybe not during the entire show but maybe for five or six songs so everyone can see the band head-on. Could be a possiblity!! We'll see soon enough.
  12. I heard that's the release date for Magnificent.
  13. Aren't they supposed to go on sale at 9 today? Can't buy them yet the site says.
  14. Maybe we could meet for a pre-concert drink...or three!
  15. Badlemons wrote: Well, I was talking with a buddy about our favorite bands and when I mentioned U2, he got kind of excited. He told me he loves U2 and he and his wife had a U2 song for their wedding song. I asked him what it was and he said One. I simply told him it's a good song. I guess seeing how much of a fond memory he has of his wedding, I couldn't tell him that it may not be the most appropiate song for a wedding! It's not the most appropiate wedding song and it's my wife's favorite U2 song. So I played it on guitar for her while her 12 year old daughter(now my step daughter) sang it after our first dance and after I gave a speech. It was pretty cool.
  16. ...it's been played every show since '85. Time to give it a rest for a while. Streets and Bullet have been played live every show since '87too, but they always seem to fit. And like Bono and the Edge say, whenever they're having an "off" night, Streets is the one song that ALWAYSbrings the house down. Replace with So Cruel (acoustic with just Bono on guitar) or Red Hill Mining Town.
  17. ...I was right with the last three tours when it came to the opener. My guess for this tour is Magnificent. I guess we'll see if I'm right soon enough.
  18. I saw him sing So Cruel by himself on the B stage on August 22, 1992 with just an acoustic guitar. When he finished you could hear a pin drop for three or four seconds...then the crowd errupted into applause. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Absolutely amazing!!!
  19. pa kitty wrote: U2 - IGCIIDGCT Dang thats a long title even for them....hahahaha Is that their longest song title? It used to be Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World....I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go CrazyTonight...hmmm...nope....Tryin' has 34 letters and Crazy only has 31...Tryin' still the longest.
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