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  1. what do i dislike? that bono and jim kerr from simple minds never did another duet together. bwuahahahahahhahhahhahhahhhaahahahha and that bono never took up olive pressing like jim kerr from simple minds. bwuahahahahahaha im so fucking lame.. damn.
  2. illumination70 wrote: Panth wrote: illumination70 wrote: Panth wrote: Dude the whole Phone thing was clarified, the guy was being a nuisance to the people around him. How was he being a nuisance? He was being disruptive, pushing people around and what not. Its funny how people think Bono is such a jerk he'll just randomly yell at some guy on the phone at a concert. Oh, I see. I'm really sorry for the mis
  3. Panth wrote: 123love wrote: your just shy , fungusamongstus the shy guy.... Well you can take a pic of just the sunnies did you get the same colour? Trust me. fungusamongus is a woman. LOL
  4. PiChU wrote: hahahah the mid- 90's! well that explains a lot at least you didn't get to see the spice girls lmao!! LMFAO!!!!!! well, as you know, i was sort of a spice girls 'fan' back in.. 1997. lol. and they are indeed very scary... blurry or not blurry. lmao. *FYI: fan, as in... enjoying a few of their songs a lot, but thats as far as that went....* *hides*
  5. hahaa nope, peoples.. not posting any pics. lol
  6. hehehehehee they just came in today and have had them in my possession for the past 2 hours. i havent been able to see like this since... um, the mid-90's,lol. i didnt get my eyes checked for years and years and was stuck with an eye prescription totally off from what i actually needed. my eyes used to be 275/275 orsomething, when im really a 355/325 or something like that now. then i broke the shit out of my other glasses and still couldnt even wear the damn things, butanyways.. these look neat (kinda tina feyish) and i can SEEEEE!!!!! as soon as i put them on, i thought i was gonna f
  7. he was there with his daughter at the golden globe awards when bono and edge accepted the award for gangs of new york and bono was all tipsy. lol. in theclippage they showed the two of them as bono was walking up. not that this really matters, but.. yeah. and im a big fan of that awards show clip. lol
  8. hahahaahahahahahahahaha he even did a bono-ish leprechaun skip/jump at the end, lol. robin's a funny guy.
  9. they better not take off ultraviolet!!! they can put it wherever they want in the setlist.. just dont take it off! or there will be a very upset, disheveledly(yes, i know thats not a word) spastic Fung-Katus!!!
  10. u2 b-sides are always a treat.
  11. damn, people need to get a life and shut the fuck up. (referring to the tmz duckheads) besides.. nothing wrong with the pic. he looks normal and like he's always looked. fckin ass media and society....
  12. imagine that...Jesus DJing new order songs... and simple minds dolphins.. bwuahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahha
  13. Panth wrote: Pft if Jesus was the dj you'd die from the awesome. he'd definately play u2, simple minds, and oddly new order.
  14. MullenArianne wrote: Reminds me of that Faithless song... God Is a DJ. I see his son is in the same business. LOL! ahh!!!!!! i love that song!!!
  15. coldplay wont ever split up.... they made a blood and organ pact to never do so. if someone brings up wanting a split... the rest of the band will eat theirorgans alive. what?! HARVEST!! ITS THE HARVEST!!
  16. fuckin 11's in my time post thing .... *stabs em*
  17. u2's covers of everlasting love... cant help falling in love.. satellite of love... etc.. just about every u2 cover except paint it black. hehe. u2 is brilliant at covers with just making them ever better. NIN's cover of "Hurt". frente's cover of new order's "bizarre love triangle"... radiohead does an amazing job at covering joy divisions "ceremony", which was really cool to me and surprising at the time. bono doing "ive got you under my skin"... DESERVES A FUCKING MEDAL.. because id never even attempt to listen to a sinatra song OR sinatra in a duetwith anybody else if my
  18. oh, they'll be back together... they're just having a boyspat. hahaha
  19. Kristaps wrote: I'm not suggesting that he's gay because I know he's not Even if I were, would it be a problem? I was thinking more in the lines of R2-D2 anyway.... Less talk, more action gay edge. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways.. bono is all-knowing yoda, the romantic pepe le pu the skunk and.. um data from star trek all combined. what? wait... edge would be spock. bono would be kirk.
  20. if you leave bottled water opened for a few days, and go to drink it later.. it had a very funky taste. like some chemically nastiness. and.. AND... never venture to a walmart late at night unless you have a very strong stomach. also... 42 is not the answer to the universe. 11 is. and i took a crap earlier today and my butt is still recovering. also, chick-fil-a..... never go to one on a wednesday during the day.. its scary and disgusting. ok, over and out.
  21. fuck reality shows. they've hijckaed every fucking known music station now and thats all they are anymore. so, they shall die at the hands of my wrath.
  22. wahine wrote: Am I alone here, but everytime I hear that song begin all I can envision is a stable full of magnificent horses and the preparation for a horse race. *wahine really needs to go riding soon* I just haven't been able to get that outta my head. Usually I relate a lot of U2 music to surfing, secretly I think they are one of the top surf bands LOL. "Magnificent horses", lol. sorry that just sounded funny. lol
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