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  1. You never know what may happen. Being that the band just finished the 2019 JTT less than two months ago, they just may offer a 2019 JTT CD as a gift for 2021. I myself would love to have the other songs off the JT album as a live version. I do agree that when it comes to The Streets, I Still Haven't Found and With or Without You, they do beat those songs to death. How many live versions of those songs do we need?
  2. They kind have already given a gift with the Joshua Tree. That gift was the 2018 Joshua Tree Singles Vinyl/ Digital Download. It had the 2017 live versions and the remastered studio versions of the singles of the JT album.
  3. This is a great gift. The set list for both Cd's is amazing. It follows how the songs were performed during each tour, with the exception of The Little Things That Give You Away. But this song is still toward the end which mirrors how it was performed during JTT 2017. Plus, the accompanying booklet of images from each tour is a nice touch too. Well done guys. You topped the U22 gift.
  4. This is a great gift. The set list for both Cd's is amazing. It follows how the songs were performed during each tour, with the exception of The Little Things That Give You Away. But this song is still toward the end which mirrors how it was performed during JTT 2017. Plus, the accompanying booklet of images from each tour is a nice touch too. Well done guys. You topped the U22 gift.
  5. I received the 2019 subscribers gift in the mail today. Cant wait to open it up and listen to it. 😃
  6. Are the emails being received randomly? I live in the USA and have yet to receive an email from U2.com regarding the subscription gift.
  7. This would be a great set list for JTT 2019, to satisfy the fans that haven't seen the I&E and E&I tours: 1) The Miracle of Joey Ramone 2) The Blackout 3) Lights of Home 4-15) The Joshua Tree album played in it's entirety 16) Raised By Wolves 17) Get Out Of Your Own Way 18) The Troubles 19) Your The Best Thing About Me 20) Song For Someone 21) Every Breaking Wave 22) The Little Things That Give You Away 23) Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It's Way This would allow fans to experience the new songs live while getting to hear the Joshua Tree performed live. The band could tweak the set list as the tour progresses.
  8. It would be nice to see the band perform songs from SOI and SOE, while performing the Joshua Tree in its entirety. It would be a gift to the people of Australia,Japan, South Korea, Singapore and the Philippines, as the band hasn't toured that part of the world since the 360 tour. But the band will more than likely stick to a theme as they did during JTT 2017. They had pulled it off brilliantly by performing songs prior to the JT and songs after the JT, while mixing in YTBTAM and TLTTTYA from SOE. Here is to hoping the fans down under get a treat.
  9. This is quite disappointing to hear. I was hoping to see them return to the US later in 2019. I feel sad for the fans in Australia, New Zealand, Central America and South America. They will not see the band tour for their new album. I am thinking that the band weren't too thrilled that some of the shows didnt sell out. The demand for this tour wasn't as high as I&E and the Joshua Tree 2017 Tours. I guess they toured too soon behind the JT 2017 tour. Hopefully by the end of the European leg of E&I tour, the band will have a change of heart.
  10. Has anyone heard a reply from U2.com regarding their offer to win tickets to the bands performance this Monday June 11, in NYC? I was wondering if anyone was chosen and got an email stating they had won tickets.
  11. I personally would love to see them drop all the songs they played last year on the JT 2017 Tour, with the exception of You're The best Thing About Me and The Little Things That take you Away. This is the Experience and Innocence Tour. The Songs from those albums should take center stage. I love the fact that they are finally playing Acrobat live. But I am going to miss Every Breaking Wave and Song for Someone when the tour finally reaches NYC. Plus, what about adding Summer of Love and Landlady to the set list. This is my ideal Set List: MAIN SET - 1) Love Is All We Have Left 2) The Blackout 3) Light of Home 4) I Will Follow 5) Gloria 6) Red Flag Day 7) The Ocean 8) Iris 9) Cedarwood Road 10) Song For Someone 11) Love and Peace 12) Raised by Wolves 13) Until the End of The World SECOND SET - 1) Mofo 2) Desire 3) The Showman 4) Acrobat 5) You're The Best thing About Me 6) Every Breaking Wave or Summer of Love (These two songs could be substituted and rotated into the set each night.) 7) Please 8) Get Out of Your Own Way 9) American Soul 10) City of Blinding Lights ENCORE - 1) Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 2) One (If this has to be the song to highlight the Women of the World segment. I am personally get tired of this song, as it is played to death. Night after night on every tour.) 3) The Little Things that Give You Away 4) The Troubles 5) Love is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way 6) 13 (There Is A Light) I know this is asking for a lot and it seems the band isn't going to play a 29 song set, as it looks as thought the settled into a 24 song set at this point. But with the exception of One, they should play stuff rarely heard and highlight the Innocence and Experience albums. Screw the visual imagery and play the songs. If the visual imagery is so important to the narrative, make sure you have something to accompany any song in order to shake things up and keep the fans excited.
  12. They played Elevation,Beautiful Day,Mysterious Ways and Ultraviolet to death on the JJ 2017 Tour. I would love to see them play Invisible, Song for Someone, The Little Things That Give You Away, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, Love and Peace and All Because of You more often. Its the Experience and Innocence Tour., so both the SOE and SOI albums should be highlighted. Stay away from the songs that were played night after night during the JJ 2017 Tour. People are coming to hear the band play the new and current songs. All that said, the fact that they are playing Acrobat for the first time ever is exciting. That song to me, is the best song off Achtung Baby.
  13. I agree, having unprotected sex is a stupid thing and individuals are going to differ on this issue for centuries. But who are we mere humans to decide when a life is a life. The fetus might as well be called feces, because that is exactly how the unborn child is being treated.. A total waste and inconvenience. Granted, rape and the life of the mother are reasonable decisions to abort the child and I wouldn't tell a woman in either position that she should carry the child to term. But normally a woman is having an abortion because she doesn't want the headache and inconvenience. There are alternatives, such as adoption. Rather than putting an end to the innocent life. In the US, the right to an abortion isn't even an actual law. It is actually a judicial decree, a ruling based on the premise of the 9th and 14th Amendments. The decision is upheld by the courts. Nowhere in the US history has legislation been drafted by Congress nor a bill signed by a President granting women the right to have an abortion.. Abortion has become so commonplace, that people will actually argue that its the law. Abortion is actually a policy decided by the courts rather than a law drafted by Congress and signed by a president.
  14. For a band that has spoken out about injustice and inequality, I for one am dismayed. What happened to you guys? The arguement for a womans right over her body wouldn't even be an issue if society wasn't so promiscuous. Why doesn't anyone consider the life of the unborn child when arguing about this. Some individuals who are pro choice, treat it as if pulling a tooth.
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