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    I love music, U2, Mumford & Sons, Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam just to name a few.
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    Unforgettable Fire
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    October 6, 1987 Cleveland Stadium
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    U2 Joshua Tree Tour Cleveland 7/1/17
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    Love them all
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    Mumford & Sons, Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam

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  1. The American people did use the strong power of its people. The American people said enough is enough. The American people have spoken. It is what it is. Instead of dividing us even more .... we should ALL try and unite together instead of dividing us even more. That's what should be happening not spouting off about your own personal feeling work together compromise. A statue, painting is not verbally telling me that I'm wrong for what I feel and it should be this way . This is not the thread to continue this discussion so that's all I'm gonna say about it in this thread. I just want t
  2. I'm very well aware of this. Why bash those with different views? Just unite us instead of dividing us. I enjoy the music of U2 always have ...always will. If you want to talk about your views then have a round table discussion with those who are interested in your views at a different time and place. So those who have different opinions don't have to feel like we are wrong because our view is different then what he feels. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but to make people feel like their wrong is not right. I didn't pay to be told that my view is wrong. I payed with hard earn
  3. I'm very well aware of that instead of voicing HIS views .... try uniting us instead of dividing us.
  4. Yes I wouldn't have a problem if he found a way to unite us instead of bashing those with different opinions.
  5. Please keep your thoughts on US politics out.......just play your music
  6. I had the opposite happen wanted the 35.00 seats said not avail and try again landed up getting GA and spent more $$$ than I wanted Hmmmmmm???? Fishy fishy ????
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