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  1. Have to admit I was quite concerned leading up to the start of the presales today. I wanted tickets for LA but live in central time zone so had to keep waiting until noon my time and reading everyone else's comments from the east coast etc…didn't know what to expect from TM and such. Have to say, it went very smoothly for me. Only real problem I had was it took a few tries before it accepted my code even though entered correctly. I can't do GA but it kept offering them to me so that was a bit frustrating even though I had removed floor, etc options from the search. Anyway, it allowed me t
  2. A lot depends on the venue you are choosing but…they do count as your 2 ticket limit. You have the option of choosing only 1 or 2. I just bought the VIP California Sunset Pkg for The Forum in LA which includes quite a bit, some I could care less about but you get a ticket within the first 15 rows. I physically can't stand for long periods so can't do GA and was kinda concerned about the Red Zone although much better than the floor but I wanted good seats. Anyway, kept releasing and searching for a few minutes with just the presale and then saw this pkg and tried it. I'm very happy with my
  3. Thanks….I can't stand for long periods or I would be in GA….this might be doable although a seat might be a better option for me. Thanks Zoonation76
  4. Trying to decide on which way to go….does the RZ have seats or is it SRO as is GA, just closer. I can't stand for hours and hours before the concert but my body will be able to stand during the concert. Just wanting to know what I'm buying if I go for RZ….Thanks
  5. As with an earlier post, how exactly does the red zone work? As with GA, is it also standing room only or are there seats? I can't do hours and hours of standing as in GA but standing for the actual concert is more what I can handle. Also, has anyone ever purchased the travel pkg when buying tix for U2? We did a similar type pkg when we saw them in Hawaii in '06 but it was thru another company and did not include tickets…trying to decide if its worth the $$ for a better ticket. Thanks
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