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  1. Hey BigWave, You can take my name off this list, I got a GA for my show during the public sale just now.

    Thank you for all your doing for fans everywhere!


  2. I just sent a fax using that faxzero worked perfectly.. signed the petition too..*fingers crossed*
  3. I just sent a fax using that faxzero worked perfectly.. signed the petition too..*fingers crossed*
  4. Yes please please please audio stream!!!! would be much appreciated!!..it's my birthday on Saturday that would be an awesome gift, not just for me but for all U2 fans across the world! and a fabulous way to end a wonderful tour!! Thank you!!!
  5. Bono, Get well soon!!! my prayers are with you!!! I do hope to still see you in July..here in Montreal, Toronto,and NJ! The most important thing is that you get better!
  6. I'm thankful for my wonderful family who support me no matter what My job and the great people I work with who always seem to make me smile no matter what the situation My good friend who because of an ex boyfriend I almost lost but luckily friendship is stronger then any bf you might have. And my U2 shows I am blessed to be going to next year...hopefully if all goes well tomorrow it will be 4 of them!
  7. U2 next year in Toronto NJ and of course Montreal...I'm sooooooo happy!!!
  8. Yeah I feel your pain..though I have only missed one U2 concert, but it was dissapointing (for a while)..I'm lucky next year I get to see three..but I have never done that before traveled to see U2,so when the opportunity came up I thought well might as well go for it
  9. http://www.geg.ca/en/show/ <........this is where is to get the tickets ....good luck!!!!
  10. I agree!! The two Toronto shows I went to I loved every minute of ..and I didn't hear any of the people I went with complaining nor were people around me complaining. Maybe you just need a U2 break ...
  11. I respect Bono's privacy, I don't think I am entitled to anything, I give U2 my money with pleasure no one is forcing me too. I think Bono's daughter has every right to roll her eyes she probably gets annoyed with the attention....I would probably do the same thing. I wouldn't feel right visiting his house anyways ...or his gates I would feel weird, whether Bono is there or not.
  12. Ohh anyone in Canada get there's yet?...I haven't ...lol and I won't this week..Happy Good Friday!
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