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  1. Yes, I'm going to one concert. I don't have spare tickets. Sorry. I'll cancel all reservations now. Hope a U2 fan gets one of these beds/triple rooms.
  2. I'm going to cancel my reservations at booking.com for the dates and hostels below at 10 pm (Irish time) today. 23-24 Nov 1 bed in a 6 Female Room Ensuite 20 Euro - Abigail's Hostel 24-25 Nov 1 bed in a 6 Female Room Ensuite 34 Euro - Abigail's Hostel 27-28 Nov 3-bed Private Room Ensuite 150 Euro - Abrahams Hostel 27-28 Nov 1 bed in 6 Female Room Ensuite 48 Euro - Abigail's Hostel 27-28 Nov 3 Bed Private Room Ensuite 120 Euro - Ashfield Hostel 29-29 Nov 1 Bed in 6 Female Room Ensuite 48 Euro - Abigail's Hostel I will not be checking this space until 9:50 pm. If you wish me to add your name to my reservation instead of cancel it you must be prepared to pay me via Paypal (or bank transfer if you live in Ireland). Have a great concert everyone!
  3. http://www.nanazoca.blogspot.com/
  4. Just sharing the result of a Twitpoll I ran on my blog, which asked readers what they liked the most about Ireland. It´s not a U2-related blog btw.
  5. Please read this blog post for more info. Thanks.
  6. Don´t Stop the Music - Jamie Cullum.
  7. Finishing a glass of red wine, enjoying the fire and listening to the Paul McCartney & Wings song that has been posted. Thanks for the link.
  8. Stranded in Heaven - Pink Lemon Music.
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