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  1. Yes, I'm going to one concert. I don't have spare tickets. Sorry. I'll cancel all reservations now. Hope a U2 fan gets one of these beds/triple rooms.
  2. I'm going to cancel my reservations at booking.com for the dates and hostels below at 10 pm (Irish time) today. 23-24 Nov 1 bed in a 6 Female Room Ensuite 20 Euro - Abigail's Hostel 24-25 Nov 1 bed in a 6 Female Room Ensuite 34 Euro - Abigail's Hostel 27-28 Nov 3-bed Private Room Ensuite 150 Euro - Abrahams Hostel 27-28 Nov 1 bed in 6 Female Room Ensuite 48 Euro - Abigail's Hostel 27-28 Nov 3 Bed Private Room Ensuite 120 Euro - Ashfield Hostel 29-29 Nov 1 Bed in 6 Female Room Ensuite 48 Euro - Abigail's Hostel I will not be checking this space
  3. ¨We're sorry, this video cannot be played from your current location¨.
  4. I haven't been around much lately either, Illumination70. I had a little Irish girl in early October. It was a long wait. ie follicular cyst. I wish to bring hope to all women who experience a similar problem. I appeared to have had a mioma too, according to a doctor in Brazil. However, it either shrank or disappeared because the doctors in Ireland did not find it. My follicular cyst doubled in size in a space of 3 years and I was going to be operated last February, but got pregnancy a couple of months before the surgery. I'm delighted with Alissa and wanted to share this with you all. Merry C
  5. I think it's only natural that Bono said U2 won't be touring in the near future. After all, they just finished a very long tour. Now I can't imagine Bono saying that U2 are anywhere near becoming irrelevant. It doesn't sound like him. Has anyone actually heard him say that? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bono admits: U2 are ‘on the verge of irrelevance’ U2 FRONTMAN BONO has admitted that he feels his band are “really close to the edge of irrelevance†– saying they need to play music “for radio†again “if we are to surviveâ€.
  6. I think it would be a bit hard to visit Slane and the Cliffs of Moher on the same day. I agree with Monica. You're better off, for instance, visiting Slane and Newgrange and going back to Dublin to enjoy the rest of the day and leaving the Cliffs of Moher for the following day. Paddywaggon has this Dublin-Cliffs of Moher tour for €42. Galway Tour Company charges €20 to take you from Dublin to Galway then another €25 to take you to the Cliffs from Galway. If you book in advance with citylink.ie you can pay as little as €1 from Dublin to Galway (other destinations too). J
  7. Passion is Bono's trademark. I see a lot of potential in Reeve.
  8. This is confusing. Late last year it was said it was going to be released around Feb and March this year, so I thought they were running a little late because of the tour, but now this!
  9. I think this song is absolutely beautiful. I've been listening to it all day. I don't follow American Idol, so I didn't know Reeve. I'm fascinated by his voice.
  10. Hubby and I are going to Dublin tomorrow. It will be our last trip before our baby is born in late Summer. We're going to this restaurant where Bono used to go years ago. It's near Temple Bar. The food is great and it's not expensive. Then we're heading to a pub nearby where they normally have live rock n' roll music. I hear Colm Lynch is playing there tomorrow. I'm booking a table for tomorrow at 8.30 pm, later on today. If you would like to join us please get in touch asap. It would be lovely to have other U2 fans dining with us!
  11. U2.com está vendendo camisetas da passagem da Turnê 360 por São Paulo, mas só há modelo masculino. Você compraria se houvesse modelo feminino? U2.com are selling U2360 Sao Paulo tshirts for men. Would you buy one if they had them for ladies?
  12. It seems U2.com believe that even if all long time fans were not to renew their subscriptions casual fans would make up for this lo$$ during the touring time. U2.com has taught me that the U$ 50 I used to spend on subscription means access to the pre-sale and nothing else. The gift is only for show because it’s either uninteresting or you'll just never receive it. My way to ¨protest¨ is by not renewing my subscription anymore. If that means I won't get tickets to see the band in the future, so be it. If you complain and pay, you're not helping any change to take place. Thank
  13. [quote name='Panth wrote: mick james wrote: Bonohood']Whatever rocks your boat. Mine is rocked by U2. Well you're quite easily satisfied. Is your boat rocked by a premium membership fee for a few short clips and an appaulingly compiled fan CD? I admit that I'm pretty easily satisfied with their albums. \ Just not by a premium membership fee for a few short clips and appaulingly bad fan cd. Thanks, Panth. You've indirectly explained what I meant. I was talking about the music.
  14. Whatever rocks your boat. Mine is rocked by U2.
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