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  1. Just checked out the video . . . getting nostalgic seeing Bono play that green Gretsch guitar. . . . I miss him playing guitar.
  2. Aha - thanks! So, if it's the DVD concert, they must have used Elevation from Night 1 and the rest of the concert from Night 2. Correct?
  3. It's so sad that the concert is airing while I have to work 😢 ... I've had it on the background but have not been able to watch more than a few seconds. I hope it's available beyond this afternoon ... Is this the same concert that's on the DVD? If so, I'll have to go dig it out (or just try to remember it from memory, since I attended all the Boston shows -- plus the Albany one Bono mentioned and who knows how many others on this tour 😀)
  4. Thanks for sharing. That's certainly one way to do it. I think it might be a lot easier for most folks if it were more like Periscope, with the posts off to the side on the same screen.
  5. Thanks for the stream! Great to reminisce, hear Bono's strong, younger voice, and see the baby-soft skin. Always thought Zooropa was one of U2's most underrated albums, so I enjoyed hearing Dirty Day, Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car, and Lemon. Never a big fan of Numb, but it sounded good after not hearing it for such a long time. p.s. - How do you all post while watching the show? I can't do it from the same screen, so I have to keep toggling back and forth. I suppose I could have opened up another browser, but then I'd have to shrink the screen.
  6. Got off to a late start . . . not sure if I'm up to everyone else . . . This tour is still my absolute favorite -- especially the Zoo Station opening. I lost count of how many Zoo TV shows I saw in the US. Never made it to Sydney but caught concerts in London, Cork and the RDS show in Dublin that was broadcast live (audio).
  7. Sorry, I updated my post. That said, there are occasional photos and texts trickling out. As I mentioned in my updated post, maybe the foreigners at the show had trouble getting a connection, and maybe the fans from India don't think to steam concerts or tweet every second of their lives.
  8. Maybe the culture is different in India and people don't tweet every second of their lives. And maybe the foreigners at the show can't get a connection.
  9. U2start and anyone else would still need a wireless network connection to do that, and it is highly unlikely they would have access to the band's undoubtedly password-protected wireless network routers. UPDATE: I'm gathering you mean that U2start is pulling U2FB/Instagram from the confines of their own homes/offices/whatever -- which, of course, is a different story. But there were a few fan photos and texts turning up, so someone's getting through the "weak signal."
  10. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think U2Start has access to some special signal. Those video feeds were crystal clear. Maybe U2gigs had a weak battery in whatever device they're using. Who knows? But the signal does not appear to be uniformly weak from what I'm seeing in those snippets and photos. Maybe in some parts of the stadium it is week, but in others, it looks perfectly fine. Again, I can understand if no one wanted to bother with a feed. They're there to enjoy the show -- and as I said, I hope they have the time of their lives.
  11. Nice that he managed to text despite the so-called "weak signal." Again, I hope we can stop blaming the weak signal for the lack of feeds. Nobody wanted to do it - and that's understandable. They wanted to focus on having the time of their lives. And I hope they are!
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