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  1. Sorry, I updated my post. That said, there are occasional photos and texts trickling out. As I mentioned in my updated post, maybe the foreigners at the show had trouble getting a connection, and maybe the fans from India don't think to steam concerts or tweet every second of their lives.
  2. Maybe the culture is different in India and people don't tweet every second of their lives. And maybe the foreigners at the show can't get a connection.
  3. U2start and anyone else would still need a wireless network connection to do that, and it is highly unlikely they would have access to the band's undoubtedly password-protected wireless network routers. UPDATE: I'm gathering you mean that U2start is pulling U2FB/Instagram from the confines of their own homes/offices/whatever -- which, of course, is a different story. But there were a few fan photos and texts turning up, so someone's getting through the "weak signal."
  4. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think U2Start has access to some special signal. Those video feeds were crystal clear. Maybe U2gigs had a weak battery in whatever device they're using. Who knows? But the signal does not appear to be uniformly weak from what I'm seeing in those snippets and photos. Maybe in some parts of the stadium it is week, but in others, it looks perfectly fine. Again, I can understand if no one wanted to bother with a feed. They're there to enjoy the show -- and as I said, I hope they have the time of their lives.
  5. Nice that he managed to text despite the so-called "weak signal." Again, I hope we can stop blaming the weak signal for the lack of feeds. Nobody wanted to do it - and that's understandable. They wanted to focus on having the time of their lives. And I hope they are!
  6. So-called "weak signal" looks fine on the snippets we're getting. Can we stop blaming the lack of feeds on the "weak signal?"
  7. There was a Periscope feed from just outside the stadium. Hard to imagine the signal is too weak inside the stadium such a short distance away. We are forgotten misfit toys, but maybe Rudolph and Santa will still come through . . .
  8. I'm thrilled for the fans who are there -- but it would have been nice if U2.com could have given the poor subscribers who can't afford to make the trip a shot at hearing the final show via a live audio or video feed. They could have done it quite easily.
  9. This makes it even more disappointing that U2.com did not provide a live feed -- audio or video -- for the final show for subscribers.
  10. I don't find it terribly different than people taking photos (or filming for later viewing on Youtube) through the whole show. At least the video streamers tend to be quiet. It can be much worse if someone talks through the whole show, especially during the slow, quiet songs. I see it more as an act for the greater good. Legions of fans can't go to Asia to see the shows. The mobile phone may block one fan's view, and that fan can generally move slightly. If the Periscoper is in the upper tiers, he/she can hold the phone low so it doesn't block anyone's view. Meanwhile, hundreds if not thousands get to see the show. It's probably toughest on the person doing the 'scoping. God bless those who are willing to do it. I don't know if there's any sort of strap or device that one can get to hold it in place so one doesn't have to hold it. Obviously, It would be best if U2 would consider streaming one of the shows as a gift to all the fans who can't travel to Oceania and Asia. Maybe if we beg and plead hard enough via petition we could get India streamed. U2 might worry about the quality of the feed, but none of us care about that.
  11. I joined mid-concert and listened to the audio feed. Were there only sporadic video feeds? I spotted this one and Where the Streets Have No Name. Were there any others?
  12. I hope Landlady makes it back into the setlist.
  13. I am the last living human who does not have a smart phone, so I can't do anything. ? But I deeply appreciate the efforts of those who can, especially when I am unable make it to a show that I desperately want to see -- such as the Apollo U2 event. I don't know how that person did it, but I am eternally grateful. p.s. - Based on what I'm seeing in these photos, these crazy devices appear to be quite small and undetectable.
  14. And more stuff https://www.wired.com/2016/01/best-gear-accessories-for-periscope/ I was wondering how someone live streamed an entire Radiohead concert from close to the stage, and I suspect they must have used one of these devices. Of course, some may remember that the final MSG I+E show had a fantastic Periscope feed. This person apparently went with an extra battery pack and had a seat to the side of the stage. A friend of mine who couldn't go to the show found it. He sent me the link, and I checked out the feed after I got home. I saw the show better on Periscope than I did when I was there. Too bad the video vanished after 24 hours.
  15. Here Here's another https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E1TMDVA/ref=psdc_7161074011_t1_B0055QYIY8
  16. I just Googled camera extension devices. How about something like this? https://www.amazon.com/Looxcie-LX2-Wearable-iPhone-Android/dp/B0055QYIY8 Looks like it is discontinued, but there's probably another one out there.
  17. Periscope: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1yNGaXbDqbNKj?q=U2
  18. All of this is true. My point was merely that it is disappointing. US fans sacrificed all of the above to help thousands of fans who could not be at the shows, and I, for one, want to thank every single one of them. I am also a Radiohead fan, and I want to thank whoever gave us the most remarkable feeds during the end of their US tour. One person got one of those shows on one feed from a great vantage point, and it was a blessing for those of who desperately wanted to be there but could not go. Remember, the Periscope feed is also a special keepsake for the person who films it. The feeds no longer disappear after 24 hours. One can go back and watch them time and time again and reminisce, just as other fans do. Like many folks in this forum, I was heartbroken that I was unable to get tickets to see U2 at the Apollo. But that Periscope feed made me feel I was there to share in the experience. Words cannot express how grateful I am to that person.
  19. That's somewhat doubtful, unless they enabled their phones for use in the US. I recall lots of the feeds came from US fans.
  20. At last - Periscope! https://www.pscp.tv/pamshair/1ZkJzNYvegaJv
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