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  1. Hi there. Possibly. Whereabouts do you live? Can you PM me?
  2. I am looking for 2 GAs (or 1 if I can manage to get hold of another elsewhere) for either date in Paris. Would prefer to buy of someone in the UK so I know the tickets are safely in hand before I book travel to France. PM if have any available.
  3. I have 2 paper GA tickets to sell for Berlin. Can sell individually if necessary. Face value of course, or even a bit less potentially. Tickets are here in the UK so if you are in Europe let me know asap so we can sort a next day courier for the tickets. If in the UK maybe we can meet in person so you can see tickets are genuine etc. PM if interested. Also interested in a swap with Belgium or Paris - 1 or 2 GAs for either show. Again, PM me if you can help with that.
  4. For anyone who has been to the London gigs so far in GA section, are they checking your credit card and ID as originally stated?
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