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  1. Anyone with an idea? I stopped by T-Mobile Area today to see about GA tomorrow. I talked to no less than seven different employees and none of them knew anything. The best they could tell me was they let GA in at 6:00. They had no idea when or where the line started. They didn't know when the arena was handing out wrist bands or if they even were handing them out. Can someone who went today (or has an idea) give me a clue how this is going to run? TIA
  2. Was on at 10:00 and went immediately to the "no tickets available" message. Tried continuously for the next half hour and then off and on through out the day. Nothing.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Are there time restrictions here (i.e. no parking until after 2:00) or can you park any time?
  4. Yeah. I was a little stunned, but handicapped seating is limited so I grabbed them when they came up. They are front row in the section and look like they'll be nice. I guess we'll find out when we get there...
  5. Still got it if you need a last minute ticket...
  6. My daughter has a final the same day as the concert so I am looking to sell her ticket. It's in Section C214, Row 1, Seat 3. It's a companion seat in the handicapped seating section. Face value is $312.50. My son and I will be in Santa Clara early on Wednesday, so meeting up should not be a problem. Let me know...
  7. 14 November 1987. Oakland Coliseum. Saw Armand Vaillancourt spray paint on U2's backdrop after Bono spray painted on his sculpture a few days earlier. Just Awesome.
  8. I came in here to bitch too, but saw people encouraging to keep trying. So I did. Just scored 4 GA's to the Rose Bowl (at 10:30). Keep trying.
  9. I'd hate to see these go to a scalper. Make me an offer. I'll be at the arena around 6:30. I've got the ticket in hand. We can meet and exchange then.
  10. My wife can no longer go. "VIP" seat Section 109, Row 15, Seat 5. Face value $237 (I'll eat the fees).
  11. Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but... Is there one code for everyone or does each individual get a unique code?
  12. I, too, have been looking for a shirt for over a year. I'm surprised the store hasn't gotten any. As for the poster, I've seen them crop up on e-bay often. And they are usually reasonably priced. In fact there is at least one available right now ($10.00).
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